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Hurricane Shutter Requirements for Florida

The state of Florida has to face nature’s fury in the form of hurricanes and storms every year. The state has codes that homeowners are expected to follow in order to make their premises safe in the event of a hurricane. Complying with the hurricane shutter codes not only protects your home but also makes your claims to insurance stronger in the event of a disaster. You also have to pay less amount for your monthly premiums if you comply with the hurricane shutter codes in Florida.

First, it’s important that the hurricane shutters are approved by a recognized government agency which will see if the shutters meet all code compliance norms.

A certificate of occupancy is issued only after impact protection is established. For the purpose of inspection all permanently affixed units must be in place with storm bars, stiffeners and locking devices. Plywood shutters are acceptable if their design and installation are compliant with the American Plywood Association guidelines.

If an existing building has a new addition then it has to have impact resistance protection. Sunshades do not qualify as hurricane shutters as they do not offer impact protection. In fact all layouts and diagrams must identify sunshade products as such and the homeowner should acknowledge and disclose the use of sunshades.

 If more than 25% of the existing windows are changed or replaced at one time or 50% within 12 months then you need to have impact protection installed.

You are allowed to install permanent shutters but these cannot be plywood. Also the shutters should be painted such that their color matches the dominant color of the door/window or that of the trim. 

Removable shutters should be removed within 72 hours of a storm.


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David G. - July - 2018 - Sarasota, Florida

We wanted to self-install so we bought accordions and roll downs from Empire Construction.  We measured our window and patio and sent Empire the specs.  The shutters were an exact match.  Installation is very doable for two reasonably mechanical people.  In this case it was only one mechanical person and some extra hands. The accordions were a breeze as installation was mostly marking holes for spots, drilling holes, and screwing them in.  Our accordions have locking pins that hold them open and act as a second lock when closed. Even if a projectile breaks the lock the rods will keep the shutters closed.  These shutters are Bertha HV1. They are High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved. Having seen a wide range of shutters we are extremely happy with the quality of the product we received!!

Jim J. - June - 2018 - Homestead
, Florida

I installed fourteen aluminum accordion shutters which I purchased from Empire Construction.  I could not be happier with my choice.  The shutters are made very well and are powder-coated.  The purchase included all of the required hardware which was powder-coated to match the shutters.
  The company is very customer-oriented.  Michael and his staff were wonderful.  They were attentive, helpful, and a delight to work with.  The installation video on the website made the installation  very easy. I highly recommend Empire Construction to anyone considering a purchase of hurricane shutters.  Thanks again.  Please say Hi to everyone,


Accordions : 7 - 8 Weeks
Bahamas & Colonials : 10-12 Wks
Clear Panels : 3 - 4 Weeks
Hurricane Fabric : 5 - 6 Weeks
Rolling Shutters : 10 Weeks
Storm Panels : 3 - 4 Weeks




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