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Miami Accordion Shutters – The Best Choice for Easy Use and Durability

Monday, October 10th, 2016

While Miami and counties close by may have escaped the fury of Hurricane Matthew, the event brought to light the poor state of preparedness of many residents with respect to hurricanes. If you’re a resident of Miami city or surrounding areas, you cannot ignore the warnings that nature is sending your way. You have a responsibility to the lives of your loved ones and to protect the property that you have painstakingly created.

Miami accordion shutters that you can find on Hurricane Shutters Florida are easy to operate and provide exemplary protection from hurricanes and theft. They are a cost-effective alternative and are made from aluminum, steel, or Lexan.

Miami accordion shutters use nylon rollers and can be secured from inside the house or outside. They close over the door or window smoothly, and when closed, they are easily stacked on the sides. If you wish to protect a large opening such as a balcony, patio, storefront, or a garage door in your Miami property, then accordion shutters are the way to go. Extruded aluminum used for the shutters is at least of 0.125-inch thickness. It is coated with an acrylic enamel to protect it from the elements and stave off pitting and corrosion.

These aluminum shutters can be easily opened and closed. They do not have any removable parts and do not require storage. They require very little space and when opened, the blades occupy around one inch space for every foot covered.

What type of shutters are recommended for a sliding glass door?

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Either the Accordion Shutters or the Rolling Shutters would probably be the best choice. But many of our products would work well.

What is the difference between the Bertha HV 1 and HV 3 Accordions?

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Both shutters are approved for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.  They both use the same Center mate, Starter Blades, Push Lock, and Locking Pins.  The difference is the thickness of the Accordion Blade.  The HV 3 is approximately 7000th of an inch thinner.  This enables us to price the shutter more than 10% less.

What’s the difference between an HV1 and HV3 accordion shutter?

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Both are approved for use in Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone.
The HV3 shutter is strictly a residential shutter.  It uses the same lock, centermate, and locking pins as the HV1 but the shutter blades and tracks are slightly thinner. The HV1 can be used as a residential or a commercial shutter.  With the heavier blades, tracks and larger accordion screws it is our top seller.

Accordion Shutter Prices for Home Owners

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Accordion shutters are made of extruded aluminum and offer certain advantages unique to this type of hurricane protection product. For example they can be placed around curved surfaces and can be used for any height. You can operate them from inside or outside. They can be secured from inside and can easily be retrofitted to a construction.

These shutters are not removable and they stay in place once fitted. The advantages that these shutters bring, the materials used, and labor are factors that influence the cost of hurricane shutters. The shutters are sold on a per square foot basis. So you need to first get the area right. The cost of the shutter per opening into the number of same openings will give you the total cost. If you should decide to do the installation as a DIY job then you can save a fair bit of the cost but for this you need to know what you’re doing and try your best to get it right the first time. There are many online price comparison and price calculation sites that will give you prices once you feed in the size and dimension details. Be sure to talk to customer service representatives of the company if you have a large or a difficult to cover space.

Accordion shutters are amongst the least expensive shutter options; but ensure that the shutters you put up are hurricane-proof and meet the building codes of your county. Rolling shutters, Bahama shutters, and colonial shutters are invariably more expensive than accordion shutters. You can compare prices from suppliers before making a decision on whom to go with. Basically, be prepared to pay between $15 – $25 per square foot for accordion shutters.

Learn about insulated aluminum panels

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Insulated aluminum panels help with bringing down the initial construction costs and also the maintenance expenses over the life of the building.

The insulation of the panel is in the form of insulation foam on the inside and aluminum panels on the outside, the insulation material is usually polyurethane. The panels are resistant to attacks from rodents and insects. The panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally. There is a reduction in outflow and inflow of the air leading to improved HVAC performance. These are available in any width, length, or thickness of your choice. These paneling are impervious to water, that is an advantage over brick or cement. These panels find use very often in cold storages. Barns, convention centers, airplane hangars, and storage facilities can be constructed using insulated aluminum panels. The high thermal performance means excellent insulation and low insulation costs over the life of the property. Moreover, the insulation performance does not vary or get compromised because the insulating foam does not lose shape at any time.

Insulated aluminum panels are lightweight and therefore do not require additionally reinforced walls. The lightness of course comes from aluminum; similar panels made from steel would be much heavier. The panels are installed as a single element and hence installed faster. The building work happens faster, lower foundations are required, and costs during the construction phase are kept low. These panels are available in a wide range of colors and textures. They can be plain or profiled. They are available for exterior and interior use. The metal skins perform dual function of aesthetic appeal and as a weather barrier. The panels are designed such that they minimize damage during a seismic event. The tongue and groove setting has the panels mesh tightly together for improved insulation performance.

Accordion Shutters – Miami Residents Should Consider Them

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Miami comes under a hurricane zone and its residents feel the force of nature every year during hurricane season; every once in a while, a hurricane like Andrew strikes the coast and it results in massive loss of life and property. The only protection we have apart from moving to safer zones is to install hurricanes shutters; or to be precise those hurricane shutters that comply with the building codes of the Miami Dade county. Accordion shutters can actually exceed the code requirements.

These shutters are made from high quality aluminum and because these are so effective they can bring down your insurance premium amounts. Another advantage with accordion shutters is that they act as a deterrent against looters that may get active in a post-hurricane scenario while you are away in a hurricane shelter. The one biggest drawback with these shutters is that they are not the most aesthetically pleasing ones. Once installed these shutters can last for a good thirty years with very little maintenance.

These shutters are good for any width but unlike roll-down shutters that can be operated automatically, you need to operate accordion shutters by hand. And the sides of the openings to be covered need to have sufficient space for holding the folded shutters when not being used. You can even put them up on the roofs when there is too much sunlight pouring in from top. In Miami, these shutters can be easily installed by taking the service of professionals. Look up installers online or in a telephone directory, ask questions, get quotes, compare, and choose.

Hurricane Accordion Shutters for Your Property

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Accordion shutters offer excellent security against hurricanes and are well-suited for curved and protruding surfaces. You can operate them from inside or outside the house. Width is usually not a restricting factor with these shutter types. They do not impinge on the exterior appearance, the tracks can be hidden and so can the shutters be when not in use. This said, these shutters are not the prettiest hurricane shutter type, some find them positively bad-looking.

Once these shutters are locked, you can be assured in the knowledge that your house is protected from winds and theft that can occur in the aftermath of a storm. For wider widths, some kind of reinforcement may be required. If you are installing these shutters, you need adequate stacking space on each side to accommodate the shutter when pushed back. For this reason, accordion shutters are best installed during the construction phase. Such shutters made from extruded aluminum slats are lightweight and sturdy. Closed shutters help in insulating rooms during winter months and contribute to bringing down electricity costs.

Ever Considered DIY Hurricane Shutters

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Hurricane Shutters can be installed as a DIY project. If you’re the type that enjoys working with hands then this is a tailor-made project for you and you have a very good reason to do it. You are going to protect your life and property. The plus is that you will get a kick out of doing work yourself and save money. The only important consideration has to be that you do a good job, because this is protecting about all that you hold dear against winds that can rush at 150mph and above and also water gushing as an unstoppable torrent. The simplest and easiest do-it-yourself for putting up hurricane shutters installation is to take a piece of ply and nail it to the openings. It’s the cheapest option. But this is a very temporary solution, almost a last-minute thing to do when you’ve neglected putting up hurricane shutters and then a storm warning happens. You can easily placed plywood protection. Just ensure that the wood overlaps the opening by four inches on all sides and then place lag bolts every one foot. You can paint the shutters so that these can withstand the moisture during a storm and when you store these planks away.

A slightly detailed project would be putting up metal shutters. There are a number of DIY sites online that have detailed layouts and plans giving instructions on how to go about getting this job done yourself. Also, keep in mind that you will not be able to carry out this project on your own. You may need help from a mate. And then there is the question of tools, for example you may need nuts, bolts, drill, wood bits, hammer, caulking, screwdriver, paint, paintbrush, etc. if you think this is something you can do, then accordion shutters can be put up as a moderately challenging project. Get the kit, follow instructions, ensure that the shutters and tracks are both laid properly. Step back. And admire your work.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Florida

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

A great benefit of accordion hurricane shutters is the ease with which these can be fitted. If you are a Florida resident and planning to purchase and install this type of a shutter then first and foremost you should ensure that the product conforms to Miami-Dade and Florida Building Codes. If you use building code approved products you are very likely eligible for insurance savings; i.e. you have to pay a discounted premium every year. Ideally, go for an installer that offers approved accordion hurricane shutters and is also willing to obtain the installation permit for you. As mentioned above, it takes very little time to secure a house with accordion shutters. They are available in a number of sizes and are well-suited for openings of any height and width. Once installed, these shutters are easy to manipulate and you can operate them from outside or inside your home.

Accordion shutters being permanently installed will not occupy storage space but be sure to get a proper quote from the installer on the total charges for the product; the cost will vary with the product patented to your situation, for example, there may be obstructions to the path of the shutter and the distance of the shutter from the glass. HV-BERTHA accordion hurricane shutters are the best ones out there in the market; these are made of stainless steel and capable of withstanding corrosive salty air coming in from the sea. The shutters are easy to lock and put in place. Check for the length of warranty and any guarantee that accompanies the product.