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Protect Your Home with Bahama Hurricane Shutters in Lake Worth, Florida

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

Flying debris during hurricanes and tropical storms can do devastating damage to homes, both interior and exterior. If you are preparing for this year’s storm season, Bahama hurricane shutters in Lake Worth are a superior and attractive way to protect your home.

Bahama hurricane shutters are popular in Florida, and that is both for their aesthetic beauty and their effectiveness. They keep your home safe, and they look great, both of which are important to homeowners and business owners. Installed Bahama storm shutters add to your home’s value, which is always a plus. One-piece louvered shutters, they attach above the windows of the home.

One of the benefits of Bahama hurricane shutters in Lake Worth is that they can be propped open, which gives your home more shade. This darkens and cools your home, lowering your energy output, and in turn, your energy bill. When a tropical storm or hurricane is imminent, Bahama hurricane shutters are lowered and secured to the wall. This is a one-person job that can be done quickly and easily. Your entire home can be secured in just a few minutes – less than an hour – which can be critical when a storm is on the way.

Hurricane shutters save lives and reduce property damage. Your family and your property deserve protection from the storm, and Bahama hurricane shutters can provide that. Hurricane Shutters Florida gives a free estimate for Bahama storm shutters. They will make the shutters to your window measurements and ship them directly to you, saving you money on your custom-built shutters. They are easily installed, either by you or by a handyman or contractor. This saves you money even if you pay someone else to put them in, and if you want to install them yourself, they have helpful DIY videos for Bahama hurricane shutter installation.

Bahama storm shutters are beautiful, protect your home, and add to its value. Hurricane season and the ever-changing Florida weather calls for preventive measures, and your home and family deserve the best protection. Staying prepared is important when hurricane season comes, and Hurricane Shutters Florida is there to help you prepare and protect your home. If you’re ready to order your Bahama Hurricane Shutters in Lake Worth, Florida, call 888-474-3555 for a free estimate or visit the website to learn more and get an online price.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters in Cape Canaveral, Florida

Friday, April 6th, 2018


Bahama hurricane shutters are the favorites of many Cape Canaveral homeowners because not only do they protect your home during storm conditions, their slanted design looks both beautiful and traditional on the home. They provide shade from the hot Florida sun and keep houses cooler, as well, increasing the privacy of the homeowner even when the Bahama shutters are in the open position.

Bahama hurricane shutters in Cape Canaveral are one piece and louvered shutters which attach directly above the windows of the home. They can be propped open to provide shade for the window, cooling and darkening your home – which we all know is important in Florida. In the event of a tropical storm or a hurricane, Bahama shutters are just lowered and secured to the wall.
Reasons to use Bahama Hurricane Shutters in Cape Canaveral

  • Permanently attached above or beside the windows.
  • Don’t require storage, which means that you don’t have to pull them out and attach them when a storm is imminent. Since storms can turn quickly, this is important.
  • Your home is easily made storm ready by one person, and the average time for doing so is only fifteen minutes.
  • Provide shade, privacy, and can increase the energy efficiency of your home, even when they are in the open position.
  • Provide great protection from airborne debris, wind, and water during a storm.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters can save both property and lives in a storm, and you should always make sure that you, your family, and your home are protected. Hurricane Shutters Florida gives a free estimate for Bahama storm shutters. They will make the shutters to your window measurements and ship them directly to you, saving you money on your custom-built shutters. They are easily installed, either by you or by a handyman or contractor. This saves you money even if you pay someone else to put them in, and if you want to install them yourself, they have helpful DIY videos to help you with Bahama hurricane shutter installation.

Bahama storm shutters are both beautiful and functional, and they work well in the sometimes intemperate Florida weather. Staying prepared is imperative when hurricane season comes, and Hurricane Shutters Florida is there to help you. If you’re ready to order your Bahama Hurricane Shutters in Cape Canaveral, Florida, call 888-474-3555 for a free estimate or visit the website to learn more and get an online price.



Hurricane Shutters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Fort Walton Beach is no stranger to hurricanes. Hurricane Irma may have given this town on the Gulf Coast a pass, but come hurricane season next year, and this beach town could again be facing anything from a full fledged storm to a mild tropical depression.

Hurricane Shutters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Hurricane shutters are an economical solution for residential and commercial property owners who wish to ensure that their properties stay safe from structural damage and that the insides are not destroyed in a hurricane.

Here is what residents of Fort Walton Beach, Florida can choose from –

Storm panel hurricane shutters – These are the cheapest hurricane shutters in the market. These are easily removable. They do not alter the look of your property when not in use. Storm panels are incredibly strong. You can choose these panels made from aluminum, steel, or polycarbonate. A square foot of coverage should cost less than $10. It takes less than 15 minutes to board a window. Can be installed on all openings and across most widths.

Accordion shutters Accordion shutters can be permanently affixed to the property. They have minimum impact on the appearance of your property. You can lock these shutters from within and without. Accordion shutters are also an excellent deterrent for thieves. Be prepared to pay around $20/sq. ft. The shutters can be pulled in less than 15 minutes for the entire house.

Colonial shutters – These shutters are beautiful, add to the look for your property and are permanently affixed. You can get your property storm-ready in minutes. However, these shutters do not do much for doors. Their usefulness is limited to windows. If you plan to use colonial shutters then you will have to combine them with another shutter type to protect your doors. Colonial shutters can cost up to $30/sq. ft. Expect to spend up to an hour to get the house storm ready with these shutters.

Bahama shutters– Thesestylish shutters are attached above the window and can be propped open to provide shade. When lowered, they protect against wind and water. These shutters are affixed for good. They provide shade during the summer months and add an element of style to your windows. Bahama shutters can cost up to $30/sq. ft for installation.

Roll-down hurricane shutters– These are extremely sturdy shutters that are attached above the window. They roll up for storage and can be rolled down for use. Roll down hurricane shutters can be deployed by hand or an electrical motor. These shutters can be operated from inside. These shutters are excellent protection against the elements and also vandals. They are very easy to operate. These shutters can cost up to $55/sq. ft.

Exterior Bahama shutters for your homes

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Exterior Bahama shutters stand out from other shutters because they are perhaps the only type that doesn’t take away from the aesthetic appeal of a construction. Instead, they often add to it.

These shutters are often called Bermuda shutters. Traditional Bahama shutters are made of wood and therein lies their appeal. Wood has its own texture and elegance that cannot be quite matched by synthetic materials such as aluminum and extruded polymers. However, wood is not without its drawbacks. It can chip and rot; it is attacked by insects and may not be able to withstand hurricane force winds unless it is reinforced.

The basic construction of bahama shutters can explained as slats on side supports and the piece is hinged at the top. For a wide window, the bahama shutter may have a stile running through the center for extra support. The slats can be movable or rigid. The shutters can open by means of an arm, often a telescopic arm that can extend ninety degrees. Check if the installer is able to install them such that they can be worked from the inside. Exterior bahama shutters will protect your property from heat, wind, sun damage and also from particulate matter entering crevices and corners.

Aluminum exterior shutters are resilient and not given to any of the drawbacks associated with wood bahama shutters. Bahama shutters cannot be placed on doors but wherever they can be placed they function as multifaceted protectors against the elements. You can have them installed fully assembled or install them as a DIY job. These shutters can be retrofitted quite easily.

You will have to ensure that the shutters confirm with the state and regional building codes. Alternatives to bahama shutters that are similar in construction and only a little different in installation include louver shutters, raised panel, B n B, etc. Woods used can be pine, cedar, or hardwoods depending upon the area and region. Now-a-days, along with aluminum and PVC you can also get fiberglass bahama shutters.

Compare products on product and paint warranty, some companies offer a lifetime warranty on the product and up to 15 years on the paint.

A short guide to aluminum Bahama shutters

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Aluminum Bahama shutters take the traditional wood Bahama shutters to a new level. Bahama shutters, as you may know, are the most aesthetically pleasing shutters out there for windows. They add to the charm of bungalows or basically any property. Although wood Bahama shutters are pleasing to look at and have their own advantages such as protection against wind, rain, sun, and dust they are not truly hurricane proof. Moreover, in a coastal environment or even otherwise wood suffers from rot, chipping, warping, and attacks from insects that can bore holes in the wood and compromise its ability to withstand hurricane force winds. The installation and maintenance costs for wood Bahama shutters is increasing with time and even historical districts in many of America’s coastal towns have okayed the use of aluminum Bahama shutters.

Aluminum bahama shutters come with a three year warranty with most manufacturers. They can be powder coated in 100 colors or more. These shutters have the advantage of a low initial cost and low maintenance expenses. Aluminum metal Bahama shutters do not rot in cold, the paint does not flake, they don’t warp in the heat, or crack with extreme cold. The metal is not attacked by insects and salty air is tolerated fairly easily with a coat of protective paint. Many manufacturers will also make the side support and framing of aluminum so that there is no corrosion because of difference in metal bodies. The arms manipulating the shutters can be of fixed or variable length. You may wish to choose shutters with movable slats that allow the sunlight to come in. Most shutters can be opened from the inside in the range of a 45 degree – 60 degree angle.

You can get a costing for aluminum shutters from an online seller. Compare prices before committing to an installer. Or you may wish to go for a do-it-yourself job and have these fitted yourself.

Why are wood Bahama shutters so popular?

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

If put in a nutshell, then the answer to the question of the popularity of wood Bahama shutters would be that these shutters are a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. These have been around for a long time and old time Florida had its landscape dotted with bungalows with beautiful wood Bahama shutters.

It is a known fact that shutters rarely elevate the aesthetics of their surroundings. These are more like a necessity to prevent your property from getting damaged during the hurricane season. This is one of the reasons why many shutter types are removable and not fixed. But this is definitely not the case with Bahama shutters and to some extent colonial shutters. This shutter type looks great on any window. Mahogany, maple, poplar, cedar are just some of the wood types that you can choose from for your shutters. A big advantage with wood Bahama shutters is that they not only protect against hurricanes but also against the elements for the rest of the year. With these shutters in place you don’t need to worry about heat damaging paint and upholstery colors. There won’t be any dust settling anywhere inside and during the cold season you can protect yourself from cold winds with these shutters. By opening the shutter slats you can regulate the amount of sunlight you wish to let in.

These shutters are usually top hinged and open from the inside. This is an advantage because it saves you the bother of having to step out of the house to manage the shutters. You can open them forty-five degrees or with a telescopic arm these can be opened ninety degrees. The arm is usually made of a light aluminum alloy. Bahama shutters can be retrofitted which is an advantage.

Of course, you cannot install these on doors. When installing these shutters try your best to have those shutters that are storm rated.

Many online stores will allow for a great deal of customization of your shutters before you place an order with them. You can choose the wood type, shutter width, inch fraction, and color. Wood Bahama shutters can be installed as a DIY procedure. Or you can approach a contractor to do the job for you.

With proper primer, paint, and chemical treatment wood Bahama shutters can easily withstand the vagaries of nature, sea air, heat and cold. Find out from the manufacturer about the product’s resistance to warping, chipping, and splitting. These are problems associated with wood shutters.

Get the ultimate hurricane protection with fiberglass Bahama shutters

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Bahama shutters have long attracted residents of coastal United States for a long time, mainly because they offer the best combination of aesthetic appeal and beauty. These are basically window shutters, call it a drawback if you will but most people have no issues with shuttering their windows with Bahama shutters and using another shutter type, mainly rolling shutters on the doors. Bahama shutters have traditionally been made of wood and that is the reason behind their beauty and elegance.

However; the drawback with wood is that it is not durable. It is susceptible to the elements, particularly the salty sea air. Fiberglass has emerged as a good alternative. You can have fiberglass hurricane shutters installed in almost any type; Bahama, colonial, accordion, etc. Bahama hurricane shutters made from fiberglass not only meet but exceed the strength requirements by various building codes across the nation. One thing that you may have to check with these shutters is that amount of opening that you get from between the slats. Fiberglass shutters are available in enough and more colors, that’s no problem. They are usually available in a smooth finish and a warranty of 20 years which is four times the warranty you can expect from aluminum Bahama shutters.

Usually the maximum opening size that these shutters can protect is 60.5 inches wide by 102.5 inches high. That should take care of most windows; if the windows are any larger you can install them in sequence or choose to have them custom-made. However; shaping fiberglass for Bahama shutters presents a limitation. Unlike aluminum that can be shaped for angles, arches, and curves, the fiberglass shutters are usually rectangular in shape.

With fiberglass you continue to enjoy all the positives associated with wood with the added security of strength and the knowledge that these shutters won’t chip, rot, or split as wood is wont to. And it won’t corrode like aluminum does. Of course, aluminum can be placed over larger openings. Fiberglass shutters are expansion proof and can withstand temperature changes without warping.

Buy Bahama Shutters in New Orleans

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

The city of New Orleans is unique in the USA for its charm, its music, cuisine, and its bayous. It is a coastal region that comes in a hurricane zone and every year there is a chance of property damage and loss of life during the hurricane season. The impact a hurricane can have was brought home starkly when Katrina hit Louisiana.

These shutters view with colonial shutters for aesthetic appeal. They look beautiful and at one time they were an integral part of the Floridian architectural landscape. Bahama shutters can be installed easily on windows but not so on doors; you will have to consider colonial shutters for doors. Today, along with wood aluminum and polycarbonate are also used as materials in manufacturing these shutters. The latter two will not chip, split, and rot as wood is wont to. But then wood has its own unique charm and appeal. In New Orleans, you can easily look up hurricane shutter installers that specialize in Bahamas shutters, but before you choose a contractor, be sure to check if he is licensed and that the materials he uses are certified by the state as compliant with the building codes.

The shutters are operated from the outside, they can be opened to up to 90 degrees when the weather is clear so that you get sunlight and air; closing them shut happens in a jiffy. These shutters protect your property from all elements and not just hurricane winds.

These shutters can be retrofitted; they are placed on the top of the window and are operated on a horizontal axis.

Need Protection from Hurricane – Bahama Shutters to the Rescue

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Bahama shutters are fixed shutters that are easy to install; the entire one-piece installation can be done in as less as half an hour for a house and at the very maximum it will cost you $30 per square foot plus labor charges. Note, this is at the high end of the Bahama shutter price range.

Bahama shutters are an attractive option because there are no pre-conditions to installation as you may have with accordion and roll-down shutters. These shutters protect against sun, wind, rain, and theft.

Bahama shutters are durable, made from extruded aluminum and very light. These are mounted on the outside and can be opened or closed with telescopic arm supports. The slats can be moved up or down to alter the amount of light and wind you wish to let in. Usually available in standard sizes and colors, you can also have them in custom options if you give advance notice to the manufacturer.

However there is one drawback to Bahama shutters, they cannot really be used to protect doors as there is a design limitation. Also the earlier shutters made of wood were not really up to the mark in taking on Category 5 storms but the new metal ones can.

Vinyl Bahama Shutters – Looks and Strength

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Bahama shutters defined the architectural landscape of the Florida of the 50s and 60s. They were elegant and actually added a lot to the appearance of a property; this is more than what you can say about accordion shutters. Wood has a charm of its own but wood also happens to be high maintenance, expensive, and can get worn out when exposed to the elements.

The introduction of vinyl has helped. Bahama shutters are now available in a range of colors with the assured toughness of vinyl. The drawback with Bahama shutters is that you cannot add them to the door; you need an awning type of shutter there to complement your Bahama shutters. These shutters can be operated from the inside but only manually. The shutters can be fixed louver or with movable slats to allow for wind and light to the extent you want them.
Vinyl shutters such as these don’t chip or flake like wood and are easy to install. You can easily have them installed across any width.

If you stay in a place that is susceptible to category five hurricanes then you may have to buttress your vinyl bahama shutters with reinforcement.