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Along the Antilles, Guadeloupe Reaches out for Hurricane Protection

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Guadeloupe, a French overseas region, is part of an island group Southeast of Puerto Rico and the British Virgin Islands and US Virgin Islands, and Northeast of Venezuela along that string of islands that include Grenada and Barbados. The French picked up this group of islands forming a butterfly with over a dozen small islands, so close you could almost swim from one island to the next.

One of the larger islands is Guadeloupean city with markets, colonial homes and other residential homes, but some of the smaller islands are mostly uninhabited. They do claim to have 8 perfect beaches and 15 top-rated tourist attractions in Guadeloupe so hurricane protection is a top priority.

Hurricane Shutters Florida provides Colonial Hurricane Shutters for use on the windows to protect from strong tropical winds. The quality construction of our Colonial Hurricane Shutters comes from using strong aluminum that will last through a lifetime of strong winds and water. It will take approximately 9 to 10 weeks to manufacture your Colonial Hurricane Shutter constructed with exact measurements to fit your windows. We will even show you how to measure your shutters on our website:

Please check out our website for Colonial Hurricane Shutters to see our shutters collection of styles of arches, angles and curved tops to decorate We also offer a variety of custom colors to enhance the appearance of your home or office buildings.

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All of the products Hurricane Shutters Florida offers are manufactured here in the United States and shipped worldwide for your convenience.

Hurricane Shutters Florida will wrap your shutters, hardware included, with care to travel and arrive to you undamaged. We will also provide a bar to attach to the outside of your shutters when in use to secure your shutters in place. Place bolts and wing-nuts in an envelope and roll it up to fit inside bar when not in use so they will always be there when needed.

When your package arrives, unwrap it and check to make sure all the contents are included as well as printed Installation Instructions. With a drill, screw driver, level and piece of wood, you can easily install your Colonial Hurricane Shutter, straight, secure and easy to use. To install the Colonial Hurricane Shutters, or another selection, please follow our video guide at

5 Hurricane Safety Steps To Protect Your Family and Home in West Grand Bahama

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Preparing your home before a hurricane can have a significant effect on the safety and protection of you, your family and your property. Whether you own or rent your home in West Grand Bahama, there are necessary steps you can take to prevent injury and damage during the hurricane season.

High winds, wind-blown debris and flooding pose the greatest threat to life and property, therefore securing your home is critical if you reside in a hurricane-prone region. Here are 5 steps you can take to help protect your family and home in West Grand Bahama:

  1. When a hurricane or tropical storm threatens, remove all loose items from around your yard. This includes lawn and patio furniture, flower pots, garden tools, toys and fallen tree branches. Any objects that are not securely fixed can become dangerous projectiles during high wind activity.
  2. Clear debris from gutters and drains.
  3. Elevate the heating and/or A/C system, water heater, and electric panel if your area is susceptible to flooding.
  4. Purchase enough non-perishable food, water and flashlight batteries to sustain you and your family for at least 3 days. Remember to fill your gas tank ahead of the storm.
  5. Protect windows and doors with quality shutters to keep out wind and rain. Accordion hurricane shutters are a top pick for many residents in West Grand Bahama due to affordability and ease of use.

When choosing hurricane shutters for your home, you’ll need to consider not only the purchase price, but also storage space before and after a storm. Because storage capacity, closet space and shelving is often limited in many of the homes on West Grand Bahama, Accordion hurricane shutters make the most sense.

Here are just a few of the benefits of accordion hurricane shutters:

  • Your entire home can easily be made storm-ready by one person.
  • They are permanently attached beside the windows and don’t require any extra storage space. This means you don’t have to drag heavy shutters out of storage and balance on ladders while securing them to your windows.
  • Some models can be locked with a key and can be used as a theft deterrent during or after storms, or even while on vacation or at night if it makes you feel safer in your home.
  • Glide on wheels make these shutters easy to open and close. The track is durable and long-lasting, so they don’t require much maintenance.
  • Average storm preparation time is fifteen to thirtyminutes for your entire house as compared to hours and hours spent nailing up cumbersome metal panels or plywood.
  • Accordion shutters can conform to curved or oddly-shaped windows, making them an excellent choice for many homeowners in West Grand Bahama.
  • Easy to install.
  • Less expensive than many other types of hurricane shutters.

For more information on how to purchase the best custom built accordion shutters for your home or business in West Grand Bahama, please call 888-474-3555 for a free estimate, or visit the website. Empire Construction & Development specializes in custom storm shields for any window or entrance, no matter the size or shape. We are a direct resource of professional knowledge and superior products, not only for home and business owners, but architects and builders as well.

Hurricane Shutters in Alligator Point, Florida

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Residents of Alligator Island, in northwest Florida are no strangers to hurricanes. Irma, Dennis, Katrina, Hermine are just some of the hurricanes to have caused damage to this town.

If you live in Alligator Island, then you need protection from hurricanes. Storm panels are the best option.

Steel storm panels are the most cost-effective option for house-owners in Alligator Point, Florida. Despite being an economical solution, these shutters made of galvanized steel that is resistant to rust, can withstand strong tropical storm winds. Aluminum storm panels are also available, these are also very durable and can resist hurricane force winds. However, these panels are not permanent and must be removed at the end of hurricane season. If you seek a permanent solution then you may want to check out accordion shutters or roll up shutters.

Lexan storm panels are popular in South Florida because once up, you don’t have to take down these clear panels. Being transparent, these allow sunlight to pass through and give you a feeling of openness while enabling vision. Clear Lexan panels; however, can be installed only on openings that aren’t too wide. Five feet openings are the maximum length of openings that can be covered with Lexan storm panels.

Accordion panels slide sideways, are affordable, and robust against hurricanes. These hurricanes lock in the middle. The shutters stack on one side and will not impede your view. A little oiling and cleaning of the tracks is all the maintenance that these shutters need to keep them working for hurricane seasons that follow.

Roll up and roll down shutters are expensive but offer a huge benefit of years of service and compliance with insurance requirements and hurricane security codes across Florida. The movement can be motorized or the shutters can be operated manually. Either way, Alligator Point residents can be assured of a very sturdy solution for their hurricane protection requirements.

Subtropical Storm Alberto Heralds Florida Hurricane Season 2018

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Subtropical storm Alberto made landfall in the Florida Panhandle, at Laguna Beach on Monday evening, and Gov. Rick Scott has already declared a state of emergency in all 67 Florida counties. The storm arrived with wind speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, and although it has weakened to a subtropical depression at the time of writing, the danger from rain and flooding is the real issue.

According to forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, hurricane season 2018 in Florida could see up to 16 storms with wind speeds of up to 39 miles or more. Hurricane season is from June 1 to Nov. 1 and the time from the middle of August to late October is when homeowners need to be really prepared to protect their property from storm winds, rains, and floods.

Preparation means having hurricane protection, in the form of hurricane shutters. If your property does not have hurricane shutters installed, then the right time to do so is now, before the season begins and storms arrive one after the other.

Floridians have a lot of choice in terms of hurricane shutters. Roll down and roll up shutters for properties along the Florida coastlines are convenient and sturdy. Choose hurricanes that are approved for Non-High Velocity and High Velocity Hurricane Zones. These hurricane shutters for Florida can be operated with a button or a manual crank.

The shutters will easily blend with the architecture of the building and are nearly invisible from a short distance. It is best to incorporate these shutters into a new construction; however, they can also be retrofitted.

Benefits of roll-down shutters for Florida properties include storm protection, security, energy savings, light control, noise reduction, and privacy.

Hurricane shutters Florida also offers hurricane panel systems that are made up of lightweight overlapping aluminum or lexan panel that are slotted into a header at top and fastened with wingnuts at the bottom. These panels are sturdy and also a cheaper option.

Accordion shutters offer strength, permanent fixing, and smooth operation. These can be handled by one person easily. You can cover balconies with these shutters that offer protection against hurricane force winds, debris, rain, and even attempts at forced entry. These shutters take very little space when not in use, approximately one inch for a linear foot. These shutters are made from extruded aluminum or stainless steel.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Apalachicola, Florida

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Accordion hurricane shutters are popular with residents and businesses in Apalachicola, Florida because of the ease of installation, ruggedness, and affordability. These shutters are also versatile and can easily be installed on wood, concrete, and metal frames. The shutters are available in a range of colors. These can be operated from inside the house and from outside.

Accordion shutters are extremely vital protection for your Apalachicola property in Florida because every hurricane season, your property is at risk from rain, debris, and strong winds. Storm protection is not a choice, you need it. In fact, without appropriate hurricane protection you may not be able to avail insurance protection for hurricane-related damages.

Hurricane shutters Florida offers you the best choice in accordion shutters for your Apalachicola property. Also, be assured of the best prices for hurricane shutters in Florida.

Accordion shutters cost around $15/square foot of window space. You can get your house storm ready in less than 20 minutes. Accordion shutters can easily be housed by the side of the windows when not in use. They do not have to be removed; they stay on and they do not impinge on the aesthetics of your property. Once installed, you do not have to remove them every time the storm season passes. You do not need extra storage space for them. One person can get these shutters operational quite easily. They also deter thieves and vandals. They are great protection when you are not at home.

If you are a homeowner in an area that comes under the hurricane zone then your property is vulnerable to damage from storms. It does not need a category 4 or category 5 hurricanes to severely damage property and even lead to loss of lives. As mentioned, absent or poor hurricane protection can disqualify you from insurance cover. Accordion shutters can be installed on the ground floor and on high rises that are exposed to higher wind speeds. Choose accordion shutters with slats that fit tightly so that you get compact protection that is also easy on the eye.

Hurricane Shutters in Destin, Florida

Friday, March 16th, 2018

If you’re planning to install hurricane shutters in Destin, Florida then you might want to read on and learn a few interesting things about hurricane shutters and Florida. This information will help you save money and also allow you to equip your property with the most appropriate hurricane protection for the construction in question.

Do you know that if your home is in the Wind Borne Debris Region (WBDR) then you are legally required to have hurricane shutters fitted on your property. If your property is evaluated at more than $750,000 and not fitted with hurricane protection then your insurance may be in jeopardy.

Storm protection standards have evolved, as have materials and technology used for creating hurricane shutters. Choose shutters with PSF rating adequate for meeting the threat of hurricane winds in your region. Cheap hurricane shutters with low PSF ratings may save you money, but put you at risk of severe property damage.

Consider aluminum rolling shutters for your Destin, Florida residential and commercial properties. Choose from vented or non-vented slats. Aluminum shutters protect against the elements and theft. These can be operated manually or through motor. Impact windows are another alternative; they save energy and protect from hurricanes. Good impact windows comply with wind zone 4 testing standards. Window film is not the same as impact windows. These are retrofitted to existing glass windows and do nothing to strengthen the window framing.

Regardless of the type of hurricane shutter, it has to be installed such that it does not compromise the structural integrity of your home. Shutters need to come good on two criteria – impact resistance and cyclic resistance.

Finally, check the hurricane shutter warranty. A confident shutter installer will provide a reasonably long warranty; a short warranty is a red flag. Incorporate these points on due diligence and your hurricane shutter for property in Destin, Florida will do the job you want it to.

Hurricane Shutters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Fort Walton Beach is no stranger to hurricanes. Hurricane Irma may have given this town on the Gulf Coast a pass, but come hurricane season next year, and this beach town could again be facing anything from a full fledged storm to a mild tropical depression.

Hurricane Shutters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Hurricane shutters are an economical solution for residential and commercial property owners who wish to ensure that their properties stay safe from structural damage and that the insides are not destroyed in a hurricane.

Here is what residents of Fort Walton Beach, Florida can choose from –

Storm panel hurricane shutters – These are the cheapest hurricane shutters in the market. These are easily removable. They do not alter the look of your property when not in use. Storm panels are incredibly strong. You can choose these panels made from aluminum, steel, or polycarbonate. A square foot of coverage should cost less than $10. It takes less than 15 minutes to board a window. Can be installed on all openings and across most widths.

Accordion shutters Accordion shutters can be permanently affixed to the property. They have minimum impact on the appearance of your property. You can lock these shutters from within and without. Accordion shutters are also an excellent deterrent for thieves. Be prepared to pay around $20/sq. ft. The shutters can be pulled in less than 15 minutes for the entire house.

Colonial shutters – These shutters are beautiful, add to the look for your property and are permanently affixed. You can get your property storm-ready in minutes. However, these shutters do not do much for doors. Their usefulness is limited to windows. If you plan to use colonial shutters then you will have to combine them with another shutter type to protect your doors. Colonial shutters can cost up to $30/sq. ft. Expect to spend up to an hour to get the house storm ready with these shutters.

Bahama shutters– Thesestylish shutters are attached above the window and can be propped open to provide shade. When lowered, they protect against wind and water. These shutters are affixed for good. They provide shade during the summer months and add an element of style to your windows. Bahama shutters can cost up to $30/sq. ft for installation.

Roll-down hurricane shutters– These are extremely sturdy shutters that are attached above the window. They roll up for storage and can be rolled down for use. Roll down hurricane shutters can be deployed by hand or an electrical motor. These shutters can be operated from inside. These shutters are excellent protection against the elements and also vandals. They are very easy to operate. These shutters can cost up to $55/sq. ft.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters in Pensacola, Florida

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Pensacola may have been spared the fury of Hurricane Irma, but if you’re living along the Gulf Coast then it is only a matter of time before you experience gale force winds and storms lashing against your property. The west coast of Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes. Pensacola has been at the receiving end of Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Frances in 2004, and Hurricane Opal in 1995.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters in Pensacola, Florida

Storm panels are a cost-effective method to secure the outside of your property. They are strong – made from aluminum or clear polycarbonates. You can also opt for steel storm panels. This hurricane shutter system attaches to the walls or windows and can be closed using tracks or it can be bolted across the opening. Strom panels are removable, and you don’t have to compromise on an altered look for your property. They occupy very little space.

Easy installation, either vertical or horizontal, means that you can have them up and ready before storm season. A mix of clear panels and aluminum panels allows you the dual benefit of light into the premises and protection against the elements.

0.050” aluminum panels and clear carbonate panels are both constructed to clear the most demanding wind codes in the country and also in Pensacola, Florida. Storm panels that slide into an upper header track and can be moved along a lower track are easily fastened using wing nuts. Or, you can use stainless steel screws to directly attach the panels to the walls.

You can secure your entire house in an hour.

With clear panels, you can keep the business open, if you want to. You can run an emergency store with clear panels. A shuttered down business loses customers but one with clear panels will not.

Roll Down Shutters or Hurricane Protection in Rockport, Texas

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Roll down shutters in Rockport, Texas

Coastal cities and towns along the coast of Texas may escape the wrath of a hurricane or they may not. Rockport lay directly in the path of Hurricane Harvey and had to face winds touching 130 miles per hour. Residential properties, schools, cottages, and shops that suffered damage and financial losses could have escaped these if they had installed appropriate hurricane protection. Roll down shutters are among our best defenses against the fury of hurricane winds.

Not only do these shutters prevent damage to life and property from hurricanes, they also guard against thieves, vandals, fires, and other acts of God.

Roll down shutters are hinged louver panels boxed above the opening that is intended to be covered. They do not obstruct view. You do not have to install or uninstall them. Handling and deploying roll down hurricane shutters is easy.

Roll up shutters stocked by our retailers are tested to withstand hurricane winds and are resistant against prying tools used in break-ins. These shutters enhance energy efficiency all times of the year. Window glass and the insides of your homes that would have otherwise been damaged are protected.

The roll-formed aluminum is very strong and will not bend against glass even when installed to cover wide openings. With roll down shutters in place, you can even advertise your business by painting the shutters in your brand’s colors. If you have multiple outlets across cities, then these shutters are a great opportunity at reinforcing brand identity.

A good roll shutter is defined by its ability to meet local municipal construction codes. It should have a strong body and be constructed to meet specific needs. Roll up shutters can have a core of polyurethane or hard resin. Polyurethane shutters protect from heat and cold; they are excellent insulators. Shutters made from extruded aluminum and with a hard resin core are ideal for security. Commercial enterprises can benefit from them. Roll shutters will also protect your Rockport home or business from sound pollution.

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters in Port Aransas, Texas

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters in Port Aransas

Port Aransas bore the brunt of Hurricane Harvey. This once in a 1,000 years storm tore through this tiny beach town in Texas and left behind a trail of devastation. The loss of property and widespread damage could have been mitigated if more houses, schools, and commercial establishments had used roll down hurricane shutters. Also known as roll up shutters, these shutters are the sturdiest hurricane shutters that you can install to save your property.

Roll Down hurricane shutters can be custom-fit for any opening. Ideally, these shutters should be installed during construction so that they can be fitted into the wall or the framing of the window. But retrofitting is a common and often unavoidable alternative. When retracted, these shutters are unobtrusively housed above the window or opening that they cover. These shutters are made from durable aluminum and can withstand the fury of wind and debris that are whipped up during hurricanes, storms, and typhoons.

Hurricane shutters protect the house from getting flooded. Aluminum protects the house from fires that might break out during a storm. Aluminum is an effective barrier against heat. Homes with roll down shutters can command a higher price in the market; especially in Texas towns along the Gulf Coast. Insurance companies will charge a more reasonable premium on home insurance and insurance against natural calamities if your house has roll down hurricane shutters.

Roll down shutters do not take away from the appearance of the property. During the summer months, roll down hurricane protection shutters block the sun’s rays and help control cooling costs. During the colder months, they trap the heat inside and prevent energy dissipation.

Roll down shutters are the first line of defense against theft. They are a great help in preventing break-ins during storms when you may be forced to evacuate from your property for a period.