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I am pricing security shutters for my storefront

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

I am pricing shutters

Hello, I’m Evan. What can I do for you?
you may want to hop over to our main website: 07:59
We are looking for storefront security 07:59
Ok probably accordion or Roll-down depending on the width 08:00
yes 08:00
how wide does the shutter need to be 08:00
we have several windows and a dbl glass door 08:00
I am tryig to find the simplest way to secure it 08:01
ok, you may want to send us a picture of the storefront, so we can assess the situation 08:01
our email is: 08:01

Yes well I need to go get that. I have shots inside of course 08:02
it would be good if you could measure the expanse and the height from the outside 08:02

There are 4×8 windows on either side of the doors and another 4×6 on the front 08:03
we would have to see a picture most likely 08:04
I would like to find a double screen to close in front It would need to be about 50 feet 08:05
50 feet wide? 08:06
yes 08:06
It’s possible with Accordion shutters 08:06
not a pull down, more of a pull togather 08:06
but you will need to speak to our engineed Michael and probably send a picture 08:06
Yes that’s exactly what an accodion shutter is 08:07
Accordion* 08:07
I need a 2 piece 50′x10′ total length security screen that attaches to side of building and locks in the middle 08:09
I know you can see the building if you can go to google earth 08:10
send us in an email with your request please: 08:10
I am 10 miles away from it or I would send it right now. 08:10
ok whenever you can in the morning 08:11
its dark anyways 08:11
Not here 08:11
where r u 08:11
oh 08:11
we are in Southeast Florida 08:11
my grandkids are in Orlando 08:12
oh that’s nice… 08:12

I’m in Cave Junction oregon. 08:12
I am opening a store in the real wild west and need to secure it. 08:12
Can you give me any idea of a per foot or sq ft price on what I need? 08:14
I think Accordions will do the trick, but we have to see how the windows layout and the door, we can’t sell you a shutter sight unseen 08:14

I am thinking it would be easier to just cover most of the front rather than each window 08:15
something in the $11 per square foot range. But the way our shutters are built, our cutting tool takes your given measurements of the opening and then builds it to be the most secure and fit properly, but we can also build them to what ever size our customers request 08:15
possibly…we have to take a look then we can advice you accordingly 08:16

i see well I will get pics and look you up sometime Thursday or Friday. It gets dark here about 9:30 in summer. 08:17
oh ok. Sound good. Here is our number in case you don’t bookmark the site: 888-474-3555 08:18
or I can shoot you an email now too 08:18

I did I bookmarked it. Have a great night. 08:18
ok cool, you too! :)

Get Your New Orleans Gulf Coast Home Secure with Rolling Shutters

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

If you are a resident along America’s beautiful Gulf Coast, you are among the lucky few that live with nature. But living in such close proximity to nature also means that man is exposed to the vagaries of nature and in the case of residents of Gulf Coast cities such as New Orleans, it means weathering hurricanes year after year.

The best way to protect your property from the fury of 140 mph hurricane winds and assorted debris is to install roll-down shutters. There is no dearth of good rolling shutters installers in Louisiana. But if you are going to go for roll-down shutters then here is a quick primer on what to look for in these shutters.

What is the extent of custom fabrication that is possible with the shutters? Does it effectively cover the kind of opening that needs protection? How does the roll-down shutter contribute to insulation? It goes without saying that the rolling shutters have to meet building code requirements. How fast can these be installed? Do they support manual and electrical operations. Aluminum or plastic? Do they make use of storm bars to buttress the rolling shutters framework? How resistant are the exposed portions to corrosive sea air.

The roll-down shutters are usually hidden from sight when not in use because they can be hidden in the soffit of the construction. How will these shutters help bring down insurance premiums? Will the rolling shutter installer offer any product warranty? What kind of a maintenance routine does he offer? How do his prices compare with those of the competitors?

Aluminum rolling shutters

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Aluminum is the metal chiefly used for the manufacturing of roll-down shutters. These shutters can be custom fabricated to cover odd shapes such as concave openings. Aluminum is lightweight, and it can be shaped easily.

Check with the installer if the aluminum has undergone pre-treatment. This is important because if the metal is not treated then paint won’t adhere to it. This renders aluminum vulnerable to forces of nature. Some manufacturers offer a five-stage full immersion pre-treatment process. The stages in pre-treatment include cleaning, degreasing, etching, deoxidizing, desmutting, and rinsing. Polyester powder coated paints are recommended for aluminum panels. You may also wish to check if the paints have been thermoset; thermosetting of paints ensures their longevity. It makes them scratch resistant and gives them a harder finish.

As far as aluminum shutters are concerned, you have a choice between insulated and extruded aluminum shutters. Insulated aluminum shutters are constructed from roll formed double walled profiles that contain CFC free polyurethane foam. This ensures thermal and noise insulation. Such shutters are lightweight and economical to produce.

Extruded aluminum rolling shutters are stronger, but heavier and do not offer insulation benefits.

The objective of this article is to impress upon the reader the significance of knowing things that can make a difference to the quality of your rolling shutters and therefore the quality of the protection that you get. Rolling shutters are expensive and you need to get things done right the first time itself.

Rolling shutters in Louisiana

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

If you are a resident of southern Louisiana you live in the shadow of storms and hurricanes. You know you need protection, the question is which one works best for you. You can choose from Bahama Shutters, Plantation Shutters, Roll-Down Shutters, Accordion Shutters and Storm Panels. The memories of Katrina and Rita are still fresh in the minds of Louisiana residents.

While on the subject of rolling shutters in Louisiana it is worthwhile mentioning the following additional steps that you must take to ensure the safety of your property.

1. Strengthen the doors.
2. Install storm shutters, of course.
3. Walls must be fixed to the foundations.
4. Roofs must be bolted to the walls.
5. Air conditioning panels must be elevated. Ditto for washers, dryers and electrical panels.

There are a number of tools available to Louisiana residents. Storm panels are inexpensive and reliable, but not the most pretty looking. These can be installed horizontally or vertically. These are slid into aluminium headers fastened using wing nuts. On the other hand, rolling shutters are expensive, but offer excellent convenience. These can also be used for security and not just storm protection.
The aftermath of major hurricanes in Louisiana has resulted in a business boom for hurricane shutters manufacturers. This fact, coupled with the incentives put in place by the Louisiana government has made the buying of rolldown shutters cheap. The Louisiana Department of Revenue offers a once a year tax holiday for those who install hurricane shutters. This happens in the month of May. So get in touch with the Dept to learn more about how you can install rolldown shutters in an inexpensive manner.

Remember, in a coastal state like Louisiana, even if you happen to live far inland your location is no guarantee you will be safe when a hurricane hits.

Rolling storm shutters in Tallahassee, Florida

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

When it comes to storm shutters you want to be working with a professional, someone who knows his job and knows what will work best for your home within your budget.  If you are a homeowner on the coast, then this something you have to factor in.

Rolling hurricane shutters can protect your homes in Tallahassee, Florida.  The shutters are attached above the window.  They are probably the easiest shutter type to operate, which is a big plus.  When the winds are blowing, you want to be quickly done with pulling down the shutters.  You can pull them down manually or with the help of a hand crank or automatically by a pushbutton.

Rolling shutters do not require any additional space.  The installation is permanent and it does not require more than one person to install the shutters.  The shutters can be installed during the construction of the house or afterwards.  Along with accordion shutters,  rolling shutters offer very good protection along with hurricane protection.

The only drawback, if it can be called one, is that these shattered types are the most expensive ones on the market.  Therefore a little bit of due diligence and searching can help you get a good deal.  Be prepared to pay in the range of $30 – $55 per square foot.

What is the difference between a standard motor and a Hertz motor?

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

The standard motor is operated by a wall switch, the Hertz motor is operated by a remote control.

How do I measure windows for shutters?

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

You can find measuring instructions on our website:

Can the finished opening be made smaller than what I see on the website?

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Yes, we can custom make the shutter to any size you’d like.  Please contact our office at 888-474-3555.

I need a replacement shutter, can I order one from you?

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Absolutely, Please contact our office at 888-474-3555.

Do you manufacture the shutters?

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Yes we do.