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Where to Buy Accordion Shutters for Your Home in Pensacola, Florida

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

If you live in Pensacola, protecting your home from future hurricanes and other storms may be on your mind. As hurricanes from the Atlantic reach the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, they can quickly strengthen. As these storms intensify, so does the danger for residents of Florida’s panhandle. The effects of a hurricane cannot be prevented entirely, but you can protect your home in Pensacola from many types of storm damage when you securely cover your windows and doors with hurricane-grade storm shutters.


At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture hurricane shutters to custom-fit your windows, doors, and other openings on your residential or commercial building in Pensacola. We provide our customers in Florida with:

*Accordion hurricane shutters

*Roll-down hurricane shutters

*Colonial Hurricane shutters

*Bahama hurricane shutters

And other dependable storm protection products for Florida residents. If you are looking for an affordable, versatile shutter, our accordion hurricane shutters may be right for you.


How do accordion storm shutters protect your Florida home? Durable hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development can be used to cover windows, doors, patio areas, garage doors, storefronts, and other openings that are susceptible to damage during a hurricane or tropical storm. Storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development are made of heavy-duty aluminum, a material that’s strong enough to stand up to hurricanes. Our accordion shutters are engineered to withstand the wind speeds of hurricanes and to deflect dangerous flying debris that, if you don’t have shutters on your windows, can do serious damage. Hurricane shutters keep your windows from breaking, keep dangerous outside debris and water from entering your home, and can keep you and your family safe inside your home during a storm.


How do you use accordion shutters? Accordion hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are easy to use and allow you to quickly secure your home or other building in Pensacola before a storm comes. Our accordion shutters are made to be opened and closed along a built-in track. Accordion shutters pull shut from the left and right sides of each opening and close securely at the center of your window or door. A built-in locking device can be used on your accordion storm shutters made by Empire Construction & Development for extra security.


How do you know if accordion shutters are right for your property? Accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development can be used to protect many types of windows, doors, and other openings from hurricane damage, other seasonal storm damage, and these shutters can also be used to protect against theft, heat, and the sun year-round. If you want to protect your windows and doors in Pensacola, give us a call at: 888-474-3555 to discuss your storm protection needs. Contact us for a free price quote on your storm shutter order. Get the best accordion shutters for your home in Pensacola when you order your hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Roll Down Shutters or Hurricane Protection in Rockport, Texas

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Roll down shutters in Rockport, Texas

Coastal cities and towns along the coast of Texas may escape the wrath of a hurricane or they may not. Rockport lay directly in the path of Hurricane Harvey and had to face winds touching 130 miles per hour. Residential properties, schools, cottages, and shops that suffered damage and financial losses could have escaped these if they had installed appropriate hurricane protection. Roll down shutters are among our best defenses against the fury of hurricane winds.

Not only do these shutters prevent damage to life and property from hurricanes, they also guard against thieves, vandals, fires, and other acts of God.

Roll down shutters are hinged louver panels boxed above the opening that is intended to be covered. They do not obstruct view. You do not have to install or uninstall them. Handling and deploying roll down hurricane shutters is easy.

Roll up shutters stocked by our retailers are tested to withstand hurricane winds and are resistant against prying tools used in break-ins. These shutters enhance energy efficiency all times of the year. Window glass and the insides of your homes that would have otherwise been damaged are protected.

The roll-formed aluminum is very strong and will not bend against glass even when installed to cover wide openings. With roll down shutters in place, you can even advertise your business by painting the shutters in your brand’s colors. If you have multiple outlets across cities, then these shutters are a great opportunity at reinforcing brand identity.

A good roll shutter is defined by its ability to meet local municipal construction codes. It should have a strong body and be constructed to meet specific needs. Roll up shutters can have a core of polyurethane or hard resin. Polyurethane shutters protect from heat and cold; they are excellent insulators. Shutters made from extruded aluminum and with a hard resin core are ideal for security. Commercial enterprises can benefit from them. Roll shutters will also protect your Rockport home or business from sound pollution.

Pensacola Rolling Shutters for Storm Protection

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Residents of Pensacola in Florida are lucky to live in an area with an excellent coastline; but come hurricane season and the city is at the mercy of storm winds and hurricane rains that lash the city landscape. And you know, don’t you that hurricane season is on right now. If you already have rolling shutters installed, then congrats. But if not, then read on because by the time you are at the end of this short article, you will have surely taken a decision that will save you thousands of dollars over the years, and potentially your life!

Yes, there are no two opinions on this. Roll-down shutters are what you need to install in order to protect your property from hurricane damage. Hurricane Shutters Florida gives you the most sensible quotes on roll down shutters in Pensacola.

The installation of a roll-down shutter may require an on-site inspection; be prepared for a strong sales hawk for the product that an installer offers you. You, doubtless, will have to compare multiple installers. Ask for a breakdown of costs. It should include cost of material, installation, and permits. If any modification of the present structure is required to install the shutters, then that should be factored in as well. The site of the job, skill of the contractor, and time of the year will also influence the total expenditure.

The time you choose for installation makes a difference, summer and winter are slow seasons for the installers and you can get a discount. Remember to bargain, though.

When the shutters are installed, insure that the hand crank system gives you enough leverage to work and if you choose to go the motorized way then you simply need to have battery back up.

I want shutters to use as a security measure. Do you offer shutters for me?

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Yes.  All of our shutters can be made to lock. Our rolling shutters or our accordion shutters are the most commonly used for security.

Security shutters – Chicago loves them

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

America’s introduction to security shutters is around 70 odd years old. This shutter type came to the USA after the Second World War. Security shutters find use in protecting both residential and commercial property and this is the reason why many of these are used in Chicago.

Chicago is not in a hurricane zone but property in that city too needs protection from not just biting winds but also theft. This is where these shutters are such a big help. They provide an added layer of heat insulation bringing down heating costs. Security shutters can be made with insulating polyurethane foam between the polycarbonate or aluminum panels. In terms of security, these shutters are much favored because they prevent break-ins. The shutters can be operated from inside or outside and are easy to operate. You can open and close them manually or via a motor. If you have implemented motorized operation then make sure that you have battery backup in case there is a blackout.

These shutters run on tracks and are housed on the top of the opening they are meant to cover. These are best installed at the time of construction, retrofitting these shutters may not be easy. Security shutters are permanent installations.

Roll-Down Shutters in Bay St. Louis Mississippi

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

On August 29, 2005 at ten o’clock in the morning, Hurricane Katrina made its final landfall near Bay St. Louis, at the mouth of the Pearl River. At twelve feet above sea level, the town is the highest point on the entire Gulf of Mexico coastline, but when Katrina hit land with a 28-foot storm surge, Bay St Louis was devastated. Only the western edge of the city didn’t see the huge surge from Katrina, and were somewhat spared from the flood waters. The gorgeous row of historic houses along the pristine beach, however, were destroyed; after the flood waters receded, only pieces were left of the fine architecture.

Before Katrina, Bay St Louis had pristine beaches, a healthy tourist economy, and lots of restaurants and shops. Afterward, the entire city nearly wiped out, the tourist industry was dead, and there were hardly any restaurants to go to. The Bay St. Louis Bridge was also damaged, with many bridge sections missing or fallen. The destroyed bridge was replaced, and the new bridge was awarded America’s Transportation Award. The new bridge features a pedestrian bridge alongside, with an art walk featuring the works of local artists. And currently the damaged underground utility structure in Bay St. Louis is receiving a total modernization and replacement.

When Bay St Louis began the long, hard work of replacing and re-building new homes, storm shutters were almost always added for hurricane protection. When you want to defend your home against a storm, more than anything, shutters are essential; whether you choose Colonial shutters, accordion shutters, roll-down shutters, or Bahama shutters, they keep the storm out of your house. The shutters are made from metals like aluminum, as well as from wood materials. When shutters are installed, the glass is covered so that it will not break or shatter during the storm, either from the wind, wind-borne debris, or pressure changes of the storm.

Hurricane shutters are well-known as a home protection, but if you own a business and install roll-down shutters, they can actually serve the purpose of security, as well. Roll-down shutters not only defend your home or business from a tropical storm, they can also keep unwanted intruders out as well. Just roll your shutters down at night, and your home or business is secure and protected. The glass can’t be broken, and intruders can’t enter.

Hurricane shutters are essential for your home or business if you live somewhere like Bay St. Louis. Storms hit the shore on a regular basis, and no matter what kind you choose, make sure that you protect your home today.

Colonial Shutters in New Orleans, Louisiana

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

When New Orleans was nearly wiped from the map by Hurricane Katrina, the whole world watched in horror. It was a natural disaster of almost biblical proportions, and it brought out both the good and the bad in people’s characters. We saw how failure to act caused horrifying devastation, and we also saw people open their homes and their hearts to refugees from the storm. Hurricane Katrina was the costliest natural disaster and one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States.

The most severe loss of life occurred in New Orleans, which flooded as the levee system catastrophically failed, in many cases hours after the storm had moved inland. The hurricane protection failures in New Orleans prompted a lawsuit against the US Army Corps of Engineers, the builders of the levee system. Responsibility for the failures and flooding was found to be the Army Corps’ fault, but the federal agency could not be held financially liable due to sovereign immunity. There was also an investigation of the responses from federal, state and local governments, resulting in the resignation of the FEMA director, and of the New Orleans Police Department Superintendent. The United States Coast Guard, National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service, on the other hand, were praised for their actions, accurate forecasts and the lead time they provided.

It was human error and shortsightedness that caused the levees to fail, and five years later, thousands of displaced residents in Mississippi and Louisiana are still living in temporary accommodations. Homes are being rebuilt, and people are preparing this time. Katrina is still fresh in their minds, and they are making sure to equip their homes with protection from the storm.

New Orleans is an old city, and some care is being taken to keep the city as charming as it once was. There are a lot of historic buildings that survived the storm, as well. Hurricane shutters are relatively inexpensive, and they are your best defense against the high winds and wind-borne debris of the storm. To retain the city’s old, Southern charm, Colonial shutters are the most popular style in the New Orleans area. They resemble the old-world style shutters, and still have the impact resistance and wind protection of modern hurricane shutters. Colonial shutters are patterned after the original wooden shutters of gracious New Orleans. When opened, they provide you with light and air-flow, and closed they provide your home with all the protection that you need against the high winds of the storm.

Whether you decide on roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, Bahama shutters or the traditional Colonial shutters of the area, if you live in New Orleans, they are a necessity. While the levees have been rebuilt and the city is much more protected from flooding, you need wind protection and impact resistant coverings on your doors and windows. Make your home safer today, and install storm shutters.

In Morgan City, Louisiana Hurricane Shutters Prevent Home Damage

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Morgan City sits on the banks of the Atchafalaya River, approximately 70 miles west of New Orleans, 60 miles south of Baton Rouge and 60 miles east of Lafayette. Morgan City is known worldwide for fishing, hunting and fine Cajun cuisine, and is the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico for the shrimping and oilfield industries.

Its proximity to the gulf makes it vulnerable to hurricanes, and one of the worst to hit there was 1992’s Hurricane Andrew, who came ashore about twenty miles from town. Andrew was the second most destructive hurricane in United States history, after having crossed Florida and then regaining strength in the Gulf of Mexico. Andrew caused more property damage than Hugo, Agnes and Betsy combined, with damages estimated at $25 billion. Twenty-three people died during the storm.

Morgan City, being dedicated to minimizing loss of life and property associated with flooding and storms, provides education and prevention tools to help their community during natural disasters. Knowing what to do during a tropical storm or hurricane is crucial to your safety, and Morgan City provides this information to help the residents of its city who are vulnerable to hurricanes and in flood prone areas. A little prevention and education is the best way to keep yourself and property safe from damage.


Learn the safest route from your home or business to higher, safer ground, but stay tuned to reports of changing flood conditions.

If emergency officials tell you to evacuate or leave your home, go immediately to a shelter, hotel or relative’s house. If you have pets, make sure they are cared for; check shelters to see if they take pets, and bring food and water for them as well as yourself.

Turn off all utilities, gas and electricity at the main switch. Stay away from power lines and electrical lines. Be alert for gas leaks.

Do not walk through flowing water. Drowning is the number one cause of flood related deaths. Currents can be deceptive; six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet.

Do not drive through a flooded area. More people drown in their cars than in any other location. Vehicles also push water into homes and cause additional property damage.

Install hurricane shutters on your home. Not only do hurricane shutters protect you from high winds and wind-borne debris, they protect you from the pressure changes that happen during a hurricane. Pressure changes can actually rip your roof off, and hurricane shutters can stop this. Hurricane shutters come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your home; Colonial shutters, Bahama shutters, Accordion shutters, or the ultra-convenient rolling shutters can all be fitted to your windows and doors, and provide you with the protection your home deserves.

In Freeport, Texas, Hurricane Shutters and Storm Shutters Are Crucial

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Freeport is located in Southeast Texas. It’s about 50 miles northwest of Houston. It has a total area of about thirteen square miles, and more than ten percent of it is water. It’s also very near the Gulf of Mexico. It has three beaches within a few miles of each other, and one beach is maintained as a city park.

Having so much beachfront property is wonderful in the summertime, but it has its downside, however: Freeport is a hurricane magnet. The area has been hit by hurricanes more than 40 times in the last hundred years. Hurricane Ike was the most recent, when it hit approximately 35 miles to the north with 110mph winds. Hurricane force winds extended down to Freeport, causing extensive damage to homes and properties.
After Hurricane Katrina nearly destroyed New Orleans, people are less sanguine about riding out a storm, and more often flee the area or go to shelters when a hurricane threatens. They often don’t think about securing their house, believing that nothing can be done in the force of a hurricane to protect their property. This isn’t true, however. Covering your windows is crucial to protecting your home.

Often plywood and duct tape X’s over their windows is the only thing that people do when a hurricane is imminent. While plywood is better than nothing at all, taped X’s over windows has absolutely no value during a hurricane or a tropical storm. It won’t keep your windows from breaking, and it won’t keep out the rain and debris that you’re sure to get when it does break. And if you just put plywood over your windows, the protection that it provides is negligible. If not fastened down securely, the plywood will simply blow away, and even if it secure, plywood will not stop rubble thrown by high winds or one of the tornadoes that often spring up during hurricanes. You are much better off with hurricane shutters over your windows. Roll-down shutters and other storm shutters have industry standard impact resistance, and they are tested to withstand high winds up to 150 miles per hour. That is at least 5 times the protection that plywood supplies.

If your objection to shutters is the constant putting up and taking down you have to do, there are many kinds of shutters than can be left up all the time. You have a large variety to choose from, as well. Whether you choose accordion shutters, rolling shutters, bahama shutters, or colonial shutters, they all function at about the same level. Which one you choose is more a matter of taste than of safety levels.

Port Aransas, Texas Storm Shutters and Hurricane Shutters Save You Money

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Port Aransas is a city in Nueces County, Texas, on Mustang Island, across the Aransas Bay. The city has been around for a long time, and has a long, colorful history: Port Aransas was a favorite of pirates in the early 19th century. Jean Lafitte, along with various other pirates, spent lots of time on the Texas coast. Mustang Island was one of his favorite places, and Jean Lafitte and many other pirates often made camp there. Local lore says that pirate treasure is buried on the island. The treasure chest is supposedly marked by a Spanish silver dagger.

Instead of the poor fishing village that it used to be, Port Aransas has now become a multi-million-dollar fishing, beach, and resort village, with summer populations sometimes swelling to 60,000 or more. It’s main business is now tourism. It has a humid, subtropical climate, with temperatures very similar to those of other Gulf Coast regions like Deep South Texas and Southern Florida. There are six ferries that connect them to the mainland; each of them can move 100 cars per hour.

Because the city of Port Aransas is on an island, it has a long history of hurricane and tropical storm damage. A 1916 Texas Hurricane destroyed Port Aransas except for a very few buildings. The docks, wharf, and warehouses actually washed up on the mainland across the bay, and the entire island was flooded.

Just this year, in fact, the residents of Mustang Island let out a huge sigh of relief when Hurricane Alex (who was forecast to hit them) instead made landfall a hundred miles away. Hurricane shutters came down after the high surf, high winds and heavy rain subsided. About a half dozen tornadoes occurred within the outer rain bands from Alex, as well.

If you have a summer home in Port Aransas, or if you live there year-round, you would be well-advised to put in roll-down shutters or some other kind of hurricane shutter. Not only will rolling shutters protect your home, they may save you money, as well. Insurance companies are required to give you a discount for approved hurricane shutters. The insurer will ask for a “hurricane shutter certificate”, and if this isn’t available, your insurance agent may send someone out to take pictures and see your hurricane shutters in person. It’s as easy as that. As soon as it is verified, you will start receiving a discount on your insurance policy.

Hurricane shutters are a smart buy, all the way around. They protect your home, and they save you money on your insurance policy. And if this is a summer home that is empty in the cold of the winter, hurricane shutters can double as security shutters. Installing hurricane shutters on your home is a win-win.