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Prepare for Storms with Affordable Storm Panels in Summerville, South Carolina

Friday, December 21st, 2018

It’s never to early to get a start on your hurricane preparation. Cities and towns on the Atlantic coast of the US are in danger of being hit by hurricanes every year. Since these storms can be fast-moving and unpredictable, homeowners don’t always have much time to get ready for a storm. That’s why being prepared for storms is key if you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes. By having storm protection on hand, you’ll be able to secure your home, even on short notice. Homeowners and commercial building owners in Summerville, South Carolina can prepare for future hurricanes by ordering affordable storm panels for their windows and doors.


At Empire Construction & Development, we provide our customers in coastal South Carolina with storm protection they can depend on. Our hurricane panels are just one of the great storm protection products we sell, and are a popular and cost-effective way to cover windows and doors before a storm.  Whether your windows are large or small, standard sizes or not, we can provide you with the storm panels you’ll need to safely and effectively protect them from hurricane damage.


Our aluminum hurricane panels and clear storm panels are made to withstand hurricane-force winds, flying storm debris, and hammering rain during a storm in Summerville. Aluminum storm panels are a trusted option for protecting windows – and our panels are designed with a 2-inch rise panel design that makes them approximately 25% stronger than both flat storm panels and plywood.


Clear Storm Panels Window

Clear Storm Panels Window


If you appreciate the window and door protection that aluminum storm panels provide, but don’t like how they darken the inside of your home – you’re in luck! Clear storm panels are available in Summerville, South Carolina when you order storm panels online from, the website of Empire Construction & Development Corp. Our clear storm panels are designed with the same 2-inch rise panel feature for extra-strength hurricane protection, and you can see through them too!


Both aluminum hurricane panels and clear polycarbonate hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development can be used with or without storm panel track. The mounting hardware needed to install storm panels in Summerville, South Carolina is included with each online order from Empire Construction & Development. Our storm panels are strong enough to protect your windows and doors, and lightweight enough to stack and store when not in use.


Storm panels are one of the most budget-friendly ways to protect your home, rental property, hotel, motel, restaurant, retail store, or other building in Summerville from hurricane damage. Contact us today to get a FREE price quote on your hurricane panels order. Call:888-474-3555 with any questions you may have about buying and installing storm panels in Summerville, and to hear about this month’s storm panel special offers. Get strong and affordable hurricane panels in Summerville, South Carolina from Empire Construction & Development.


Clear Acrylic Panels or Sheets on Your Windows

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Clear acrylic panels or panes can be used as effective storm barriers and for insulation purposes. Their true utility lies in keeping the heat inside a house. These are placed as sheets on smaller windows and as panels on larger windows. Clear acrylic panels are perfectly transparent and you’d have to look twice to see if there is anything else present on the window in addition to glass.

You can have these permanently installed or place them such that they can be removed. The fixed ones are screwed on to the window siding and can be considered for non-opening windows. Removable ones can be installed with Velcro. This material is up to 18 times more impact resistant than glass. These have good dimensional stability at a wide temperature range but don’t keep them too close to a heat source. The usefulness of acrylic shutters increases in homes with cold climes that use single pane windows; the savings are worth much more than the hour or two you may spend setting up these panels. Yes, these panels can easily be put up as a DIY job, you can do them alone or if you find the larger panels a little too jiggly then you can arrange of an extra pair of hands.

You can get these panels from your local hardware store or shops such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. A minimum thickness of one/eighth an inch is suggested to get heat insulation benefits.

These sheets resist ultraviolet degradation and are resilient against chemicals.