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Hurricane shutters – Miami residents need them

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Miami residents in the state of Florida cannot do better than installing hurricane shutters given that the state faces the threat of hurricanes every year. The internet has made a wealth of information available to prospective hurricane shutters customers and you should make use of this information.
Today, apart from the traditional shutter types such as roll on and accordion, you can avail new shutter types that are lightweight, resilient, and do the job admirably. These include impact resistant glass and hurricane fabrics.

The benefits of hurricane fabrics include more scope for fitting these where the old types won’t fit. Even on odd-shaped openings these transparent membranes will hold against wind pressure of up to 276 miles per hour. This makes it eligible for areas even where extreme storm winds are possible.

Polypropylene is the material of choice; it is 100% UV resistant and therefore protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. Its elasticity and stretchability increase its performance against high force impacts. Because the material is translucent you get sunlight inside, a big plus that is not available with traditional shutter types. These shutters are easy to install because of the sewn seams. You should check with the installer about the usefulness of these shutter types for sharp debris because once there is a tear in a structure, it rapidly loses its resistance to hurricane winds. These are low weight solutions that weigh as less as 1/10th the weight of corresponding aluminum solutions. Also check if this is available in different thicknesses. These shutters may not be most suitable for covering wide widths.

Impact-resistant glass that may crack but will not shatter is another alternative. You get the advantage of sunlight and breeze with this type. The glass acts as a sound, noise, and heat insulator.

You should check with your local Miami installers about the latest in hurricane shutter technology. Also don’t forget to check with your insurance company about their acceptance of any particular type of hurricane shutter protection. You stand to gain from lower premiums when you install the appropriate protection.

Tucson Rolling Shutters

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Tucson rolling shutters are known all over America for their craftsmanship and durability. Rolling shutters are for many the best shutter type because of the advantages that they offer. Not only are these shutters excellent hurricane-grade protection for your residential and commercial property, they also protect property from theft. Moreover, in places where the cold can get extreme these shutters are used as a secondary level of insulation protection. The metal slats of these shutters will have an insulating core. This helps bring down heating costs. Basically these shutters are all-rounders and once installed provide valuable service for years to come. It is best to install these shutters during the construction time.

You can choose to have your rolling shutters with vents to allow for some light to stream in. These shutters provide a fair amount of sound insulation as well depending upon the kind of insulating core being used.

Tucson rolling shutters are invariably made of aluminum which is a lightweight yet very strong material. It resists degradation from corrosion because of special powder coating. These shutters have their aluminum slats filled with polyurethane core which acts as an insulator against heat, cold, sound, and light. The shutter housing and guide rails are also made of aluminum.

Tucson rolling shutters give you peace of mind; that is the simple truth. The very crucial air space between window and shutter provides excellent insulation against both cold and heat. The cost of cooling your homes in summer and heating them in winter are brought down significantly by using these shutters. These shutters are rated for hurricanes so if you are staying in a region susceptible to hurricanes then you can feel safe after installing these shutters. A house with proper security shutters installed fetches a higher price in the real estate market; these shutters also help bring down your insurance costs too. Tucson rolling shutters are no doubt a sound long-term investment and will repay their initial costs many times over during their lifetime.

These shutters lend themselves nicely to motorized use, thus making them an ideal choice for large homes. Choose from a wide range of color and size options.

Roll-down hurricane shutters – Price factors to consider

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

If we do a price comparison of roll-down hurricane shutters with other shutter types we will see that these shutters command a higher price but it is for very good reason that these shutters are expensive. Let us try and understand why these shutters command the price they do and the features that they bring to the table for the home owner looking to protect his property from hurricanes and also ensure security.

Expect to pay up to $35 /sq foot for roll-down hurricane shutters, but this is more like the upper limit. This is more than what you’d be paying if you were to choose Bahama shutters, accordion shutters, and most certainly plywood boards and storm panels. The roll-down hurricane shutters are made from extruded PVC or aluminum. This makes them lightweight and durable.

These shutters are fixed permanently and can be brought into use in a moment’s notice. You can operate them from the inside and from outside. Roll-down shutters can be operated even by the disabled. All these things influence the price. The size of the opening to be covered matters too. If at all, you decide to go for a retrofit you may have to pay a little more. If you opt for automatic operation, then you need battery backup for an emergency scenario that is not entirely an unlikely event when hurricanes happen.

What are the parts that make up hurricane shutters?

Monday, November 28th, 2011

There are a few components common to all hurricane shutters; if you are planning to install these shutters then it would pay to know about them. It becomes necessary to know about the parts that make up hurricane shutters if you plan to install them as a DIY project.

Almost all shutter types lend themselves to do-it-yourself projects and the materials used in the manufacture of the slats or panels are invariably aluminum, wood, steel, or some form of extruded plastic. Once you know the parts that have gone in assembling the hurricane shutters on your property, you can get them from the hardware store in the neighborhood or have them delivered to your home via an online purchase. Be sure to get the dimensions right though.

Storm Panels
• U Channel and Studded Angle
• Aluminum full storm panels
• Aluminum half storm panels
Roll shutters
• Roll up Shutters Medium Motor
• Roll up shutters small motor
• Tracks
• Mount and hood
• Hurricane panels
• Housing rod
• Metal wheels
• Nuts, bolts, screws

Hurricane Shutters – West Palm Beach Residents Need Them

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Florida is a hurricane-prone area and West Palm Beach in this state is not impervious to the effects of hurricanes that occur during the season which begins in June. Hurricanes can damage your most precious and biggest investment – your home. It can be heartbreaking to come home after being evacuated because of a hurricane warning and see your property devastated because there was no hurricane protection; worse, an unprotected home in West Palm Beach or any other place for that matter is an open invitation to miscreants to come and loot.

You will find it difficult to claim hurricane damage from your insurance company if the damage could have been prevented with the installation of hurricane shutters.

There are a number of installers in West Palm Beach that will install shutters for your commercial or residential premises. Many of these are family businesses and these shops are like a hub for taking care of the installation and repair needs of all your hurricane shutter requirements. You too should consider a local and well-known shutter installer. If you have recently become a part of the West Palm Beach area then you may not know that shutters are required and if at all you are to add them then what types are best suited for you. Ask locals, check out hardware stores, and get references for contractors.

It goes without saying that whatever the shutter type it has to meet the requirements of Florida Builder Codes.

Hurricane Shutters – New Orleans Residents Need Them

Monday, August 29th, 2011

New Orleans lies in the hurricane zone and the fact was brought home most devastatingly by Katrina.

Hurricane shutters are a necessity in New Orleans to protect life and property. A hurricane does not have to be a category five storm to cause intensive damage. If you are a resident of New Orleans then every hurricane season you need to see that your property is protected with hurricane shutters. The shutters are available in a choice of constructions to suit your construction type, style choice, needs, and budget.
Storm panels are a popular choice because they are cost-effective and easy to install. These are most likely to be made of extruded aluminum or some form of polyvinyl plastic. Storm panels in New Orleans should meet the product code of the region to be truly storm resistant.

Storm panels are fitted on to tracks and can also be fitted directly on to the wall but these will be permanent fittings; an advantage with direct wall fitting is that storm panels can be easily retrofitted. These panels are available in several stock sizes and can also be custom made to provide protection and aesthetic beauty to every home, although not in the same league. If you wish you can order a DIY kit for putting up the panels yourself.

You can also opt for impact resistant glass that can be custom-built to any sized opening and can also be retrofitted.

Hurricane Shutters – Broward County Folks Should Install Them

Friday, August 26th, 2011

For the good folk of Broward County, hurricanes are a fact of life, they may not get a biggie for years but you don’t need a big one for branches to break, electric cables to snap, and general disruption of life to occur due to rains. In order to prevent your house from getting damaged you need hurricane shutters installed. But that is not sufficient, you need to have a plan for meeting the hurricane season head on.

To begin with, you and your family need to be on the same page when it comes to conducting oneself during the hurricane season. You have to know what to do and what not to do if evacuation orders are issued. Keep in touch with your insurance company to ask them about what to do so that you are on the right side of these organizations. Have a ration kit ready, you also need supplies for your pets, medical stuff, clean water, batteries, sources of light and such things that you may need if you have to go a day or two without food.

Do mock evacuation drills with family members, each person should carry adequate cash, phone numbers of one another, and ID proof. Your pets need to be properly tagged and their vaccination has to be up-to-date. If you stay in a low-lying area, then you run the risk of getting your vehicle damaged if you leave it behind. Park it upland so that it is out of the reach of storm waters should such a situation arise.

Are You Staying in a Hurricane-Prone Area?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

If you stay in parts of the U.S that are vulnerable to hurricanes, for example South Florida and Louisiana coast then you would be well aware of the kind of property damage a hurricane can inflict. Hurricanes can come year after year, and when the hurricane season arrives it is time to pray that a big one does not arrive at the coastal area you’re staying at.

Storm panels and hurricane shutters help protect your property from hurricane damage. They can also be lifesavers. An investment in hurricane shutters will repay you manifold as many residents of areas such as Key West, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale will be able to testify to. The choice is impressive; you can go for the simplicity and functionality of accordion shutters that can be rolled up and kept away after use or choose from a range of very stylish shutters that include Colonial and Bahama shutters. For complete protection you may wish to consider installing storm panels and hurricane proof windows. When shopping for storm shutters consider a balance of aesthetics and functionality. You can visit sites online to get an idea of the products through the FAQ and images. Look around in the neighborhood and you will surely come across some hurricane shutters installed. Check for statutory state compliance regarding the installation of hurricane shutters. You can get a free quote online as well. A simple objective questionnaire needs to be filled. For example, you will be asked about the number of openings to be covered, size of windows, area of residence, etc. And then you get a quote. The best and most practical thing to do is to get a local company to install the hurricane shutters for you. Not only will they be there should you need them again, you can be sure that they will be conversant with state and municipality laws regarding shutter installation.

Hurricane shutters are an investment that offers peace of mind. You only have to look back to the hurricanes of the past few years, Hurricane Katrina most notably to realize that these protective agents in place can keep you safe and away from unnecessary financial burden.

South Bay Florida Impact Hurricane windows

Friday, April 15th, 2011

In South Bay, Florida, sunny weather and water activities are the norm. But do you know what else is normal for this beautiful city? Hurricanes and tropical storms are normal for Florida. Hurricane season comes every year, and Florida is the state most hit by hurricanes in the United States, and residents know that it is best to well prepared in the event of a hurricane strike. Even an indirect hit or brush by a tropical storm or hurricane can cause devastating damage. Have you ever seen photos of a hurricane aftermath, and notice one or two homes standing in amongst those all destroyed? Chances are, those homes were well protected against hurricanes, and their owners were more prepared than those whose homes were destroyed.
One of the best things that you can do to protect your home is to install impact hurricane windows. They are insulating, they keep out wind borne debris thrown by storms, and they keep pressure changes that happen during hurricanes from destroying your home or damaging its structure.
Impact hurricane windows have two panes of glass, strengthened by an inner layer between the two panes. This is a major factor in reducing energy loss and heat and cold transfer from the windows. Reduced energy loss equals insulating effect, giving you the added benefit of saving money on your utility bills. They are also heavily framed with strong aluminum, and they fit tightly, reducing air loss around the windows, as well. This is another insulating factor, and another reason for installing these kinds of windows. You know what the Florida summers are like – hot, muggy, and with daily rain showers that only make it more humid. Keeping your house cool with no extra effort and with less money is a great bonus.
Impact resistant windows resist breakage, and they don’t shatter when they do break. They can’t fall out of the frame when broken, and they don’t rain down shards of sharp glass during a storm, like standard or regular windows can. They’re wind rated and missile impact tested to the most stringent standards that Florida puts out. Because they don’t shatter, and because they’re three layers of strong material, when the pressure outside your house is much higher than the pressure inside, it has no way to enter and rip apart your home. Pressure changes that happen abruptly during hurricanes can damage the structure of your home, rip off entire roofs or walls, and leave you exposed to the elements.
All these benefits are the reason that smart South Bay residents install impact hurricane windows on their homes. They’re smart protection that can save you money, and keep you safe from the storms.

Accordion Shutters in Southhampton New York

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Southhampton is a town located on Long Island, New York. It’s right on the coastline, which makes for wonderful beaches, lots of fishing and water activities, and along with all of that, vulnerability to tropical storms or hurricanes, as well.

Long Island and Southhampton are way overdue for a direct hurricane strike, and meteorologists predict that it will happen sometime within the next few years. If you are putting off protecting your home from the storm, now is the time to make sure that you are prepared. Even if the direct hit doesn’t happen soon, they are often brushed by tropical storms and hurricanes, and covering windows and doors with hurricane shutters is the best way to make sure that your home stays safe.

If you want to feel confident that your home is safe, get the best hurricane shutters and transform your residence into a shelter from the storm. Hurricane shutters are an easy solution, and protect the investment you have made in your home.

Accordion shutters are a great choice to install on your Southhampton home. They run in tracks attached over and under the glass doors or windows and stay in place year round, so it’s easy to open and close them. No struggling to put up or take down temporary shutters when a storm is imminent. They eliminate the hours of installation and preparation to put up temporary shutters when you want to protect your home or business when a storm is on its way. Also, no need to find ways or places to store them, since they are permanently attached to your home, making your home safe year-round. One person can easily open and close all the shutters in the home in mere minutes, and they are both practical and economical.

Accordion shutters are wind load and impact tested and are certified under the “vortex” code for tornado winds. The ease of operation for each of these shutters makes it practical to close them for a weekend away to secure your home or business from intruders. Hurricane shutters provide continuing protection for your home, whether you are there, or away. They provide maximum strength and security, and convenient operation from either inside or outside the house. Concealed tracks are available so that the shutters are unobtrusive, and they can be color-matched to your home.

Accordion shutters are by far the most popular hurricane shutter available, and are the first choice for the cost-conscious business owner and homeowner. They provide strength, security, and are a long-lasting product that doesn’t need to be replaced often. If you are looking for a great hurricane shutter for your Southhampton home, accordion shutters are the way to go.