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What are the different types of hurricane shutters?
It wasn’t long ago that the idea of another Atlantic Hurricane Season would strike fear in the hearts of homeowners. A mad scramble to the local Home Depot to pick whatever plywood might still be available in hopes that there will be enough to keep your windows and doors safe from the onslaught of a coming hurricane.
It is fascinating that in the age of do-it-yourself home improvement that anyone would dare protect newly acquired windows with mere plywood. Those brand new French Doors covered with 1 and 1/8” planks of wood? Its crazy. Too often, unsightly, heavy and difficult to work with plywood has been the answer to the recurring call to arms of the Hurricane Season for years, but there is an alternative.
Hurricane Shutters are an effective and pleasing option to ugly, heavy, disposable wood. Installing shutters to the vulnerable areas of your home allows for permanence in protection that wood cannot buy. Shutter styles vary upon necessity and aesthetic desire. Roll Down and Accordion shutters offer the ultimate in Hurricane protection. Many homeowners use them to offer home security at night and when on vacation.
Aluminum storm panels offer reusable protection that plywood cannot.  Custom cut and fitted to cover windows and glass doors as per measurement. These panels can be affixed and removed with relative ease and store neatly a garage or shed.
Bahama and Colonial hurricane shutters offer style along with function. Bahama shutters breath an air of island paradise while Colonial shutters offer a southern plantation feel, while each selection offers excellent storm protection.
Clamshell Awnings can offer protection from the storm and from the sun. While Hurricane Fabric is a high strength, flexible, transparent membrane designed to withstand the strongest hurricane winds.
Impact-Resistant Windows are the newest way to protect your home from the damage of hurricane force winds. Fortified glass technology makes for a safer home without having the trouble of installing outside or removable protection.
With all the do-it –yourself attitude brought into home improvements and the pride in a truly finished product, shouldn’t your storm protection be finished as well? With so many options in storm protection, hurricane storm shutters are a more viable choice than plywood when keeping your home improvements improved.