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Rolling Shutters in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a city located on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia Beach is the most inhabited city in Virginia. It’s a humid, sub-tropical area, with mild winters and wet summers. Because of its location, it is vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricane Isabel in 2003 was the costliest disaster in the history of Virginia. Hurricane force wind gusts were recorded at a high of 107 mph, and Isabel caused significant beach erosion and home damage before she was finished.

And Isabel is not the only hurricane to damage Virginia Beach:

    Hurricane Charley’s center passed over southeast Virginia Beach. Winds were recorded at 104 mph and over 110,000 homes were without power.
    Hurricane Bonnie knocked out power to 320,000 customers in the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area. Structural damage to buildings occurred. The heavy rain and storm surge produced street flooding in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Portsmouth. Total storm damages in Virginia reached $24 million.
    Hurricane Floyd crossed Virginia Beach, and rainfall was up to 20 inches in some parts of Virginia. More than 300 roads were closed in the peak of the storm from flooding and downed trees.

It is obvious that homes in the Virginia Beach area need storm protection, and hurricane shutters are one of the ways that you can protect your home. Hurricane shutters protect you from missile impacts that occur at high speeds during a storm, keep pressure changes from occurring quickly inside your home and actually ripping holes in the structure, and keep out wind and driving rain. And out of all the hurricane shutters available on the market today, rolling shutters are the top-of-the-line.

Roll-down shutters are the ultimate in home protection, and can be closed in a matter of moments when a storm is imminent. Rolling shutters cover your windows and doors with a simple touch of a button, and if there is no power (during Hurricane Isabel, a total of 1.8 million electrical customers were left without power) there is a manual option to roll them down. Whether the power is on or not, roll down shutters have got you covered. They remain on your home year-round, so there is no putting up and taking down when storms come and go, and they are both convenient and unobtrusive. They can be matched to your home’s color scheme as well, making them an attractive and smart addition to your home.

No matter what kind of hurricane shutters that you choose, if you live in the Virginia Beach area, they are necessary to protect you from the effects of the storm. Protect your home, and install hurricane shutters today.