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Why Storm Shutters Will Protect Your Home During Winter Storms

Winter’s rolling in quickly, and bad weather is on the way. It’s cold outside, and you’re preparing your home for the harsh winter weather. You’ve caulked and insulated, trimmed tree limbs, weather-stripped doors and even wrapped pipes in anticipation of freezing cold – what else is there to do?

There is something you can do to protect your home from winter weather that probably has never crossed your mind: Install winter storm shutters on your home. The benefits of winter storm shutters far outweigh the initial costs of adding them to your home.

Stop heat loss on your home: Windows and doors are the major places that you lose the warm air inside your home. No matter how well you’ve prepared them, you’re still going to lose heat and drive up your utility bills. Adding winter storm shutters reduces this loss, saving you money and keeping you warm and cozy during those long, cold winter months. And if the power goes out during a storm, storm shutters keep the heat trapped in your home for a much longer time, reducing the risk of freezing pipes and freezing people.

Reduce the risk of broken windows during snow and ice storms: Snow and ice are heavy, and when you have a large accumulation, trees can come down and the wind can blow objects at high speed into your home. Protecting your windows with storm shutters can keep breakage to a minimum. The last thing you want during freezing temperatures is a big hole for the wind to come whipping through, and who wants to try and patch that hole during freezing weather? Winter storm shutters can be closed around your home in a matter of minutes, protecting your home from damage.

Save money on your home insurance: Many insurance companies will give you a break on your policy if you add storm shutters to your home. It makes your home much more secure, reducing the risk of damage during winter storms, and insurance companies recognize that they have a lower risk of payout. This can lead to lower premiums every month. Make sure to check with your insurance company to see how much your payment will go down if you add storm shutters to your home.

During winter storms, one of the best protections for your home is storm shutters. They stop heat loss, reduce the risk of broken windows from falling trees and high impact missiles blown by storm winds, and can even save you money on your home insurance. Add storm shutters today, and protect your home during the cold winter weather. You’ll thank yourself when you stay warm, safe, and dry during those long, freezing winter months.