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Accordion Shutters in Southhampton New York

Southhampton is a town located on Long Island, New York. It’s right on the coastline, which makes for wonderful beaches, lots of fishing and water activities, and along with all of that, vulnerability to tropical storms or hurricanes, as well.

Long Island and Southhampton are way overdue for a direct hurricane strike, and meteorologists predict that it will happen sometime within the next few years. If you are putting off protecting your home from the storm, now is the time to make sure that you are prepared. Even if the direct hit doesn’t happen soon, they are often brushed by tropical storms and hurricanes, and covering windows and doors with hurricane shutters is the best way to make sure that your home stays safe.

If you want to feel confident that your home is safe, get the best hurricane shutters and transform your residence into a shelter from the storm. Hurricane shutters are an easy solution, and protect the investment you have made in your home.

Accordion shutters are a great choice to install on your Southhampton home. They run in tracks attached over and under the glass doors or windows and stay in place year round, so it’s easy to open and close them. No struggling to put up or take down temporary shutters when a storm is imminent. They eliminate the hours of installation and preparation to put up temporary shutters when you want to protect your home or business when a storm is on its way. Also, no need to find ways or places to store them, since they are permanently attached to your home, making your home safe year-round. One person can easily open and close all the shutters in the home in mere minutes, and they are both practical and economical.

Accordion shutters are wind load and impact tested and are certified under the “vortex” code for tornado winds. The ease of operation for each of these shutters makes it practical to close them for a weekend away to secure your home or business from intruders. Hurricane shutters provide continuing protection for your home, whether you are there, or away. They provide maximum strength and security, and convenient operation from either inside or outside the house. Concealed tracks are available so that the shutters are unobtrusive, and they can be color-matched to your home.

Accordion shutters are by far the most popular hurricane shutter available, and are the first choice for the cost-conscious business owner and homeowner. They provide strength, security, and are a long-lasting product that doesn’t need to be replaced often. If you are looking for a great hurricane shutter for your Southhampton home, accordion shutters are the way to go.