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Getting a Free quote on Hurricane Impact Windows

So, you’re considering getting hurricane impact, or impact-resistant windows. But you’re not sure what the cost of installing the windows or doors is, and you don’t want to commit to them without finding out. What can you do?
Most dealers and installers of hurricane impact windows will give you a free quote, without obligation on your part. It’s as easy as making a phone call, or filling out a form on a website. The dealer or installer will then call you or instantly set up a time to come to your home. They will measure all the places where the impact resistant windows or doors will go, show you samples, and give you a written quote, sometimes before they even leave your home. They want your business, and they want your home to be safe, and hurricane impact windows will do the job. They’re the only window in Florida that is not required by law to be covered by a hurricane shutter in order for your home to be covered by insurance, and this is because of their superior ability to withstand missile impact (debris thrown by hurricanes and high winds) and wind resistance.

Hurricane impact windows do not fall out of the frame, even when broken (and they’re very, very hard to break!), because they are double paned, coated with a special lamination just like the kind that comes on your car’s windshield, and there is another layer sandwiched between the already strong layers. When broken, they stay in the frame, still protecting your home, unlike standard windows. The last thing you want during a hurricane or high winds is flying glass blowing around your house, damaging the interior and even perhaps a member of your family. Hurricane impact windows keep this from happening.

There are several factors to consider when you’re choosing hurricane impact windows:

Cost – how much do the windows cost, and will they pay for themselves over time? When installing hurricane impact windows, the answer is yes. The reduction in your energy bills combined with the lowered insurance premiums that most insurance companies give you after they are installed makes hurricane impact windows a good, cost-efficient deal for you.

Appearance – how do they look? These windows are beautiful and unobtrusive, as hurricane shutters often are not. They do not spoil the look of your home, and they let in the light, letting you enjoy the Florida sunshine.

Convenience – are they convenient for me? The answer is a resounding yes. Not only are they safe, they are absolutely no work during a storm. You don’t have to worry about putting up or taking down shutters, and you don’t have to rush home when a storm is imminent. You’re safe, and you’re covered.

Choosing the right window – that’s where your free quote comes in. When they come to give you the quote, you’ll be shown several different products, and they will help guide you to the right hurricane impact window for your home.