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Energy Savings and Home Protection with Impact Hurricane windows in Lantana, florida

Lantana Florida doubles by half again during tourist season. They are ready for visitors, and they know that tourism is big business and should be a priority. What is also a priority in Lantana is sustainable energy. Lantana was recently awarded a grant to install several types of energy-saving equipment to convert an old building and help pay for projects that reduce fossil fuel emissions, reduce total energy use, and improve energy efficiency throughout the city. The grant will pay for a system to generate electricity, a solar water heating system, and energy-efficient windows. Any unused electricity they generate can be sold back to a utility company.

The energy efficient windows that they are installing in Lantana are impact hurricane windows. These windows are so energy efficient that the United States government is giving a tax credit back to consumers just for buying and installing them on their homes. Up to 500 dollars per consumer is allowed to be taken off their taxes. So this Florida town is doing the smart thing by installing them, and they’re going to save money and reduce their energy costs and usage.

If it’s good for the government of Lantana Florida, it is good for the residents there, as well. Installing hurricane impact or impact resistant windows is the best way to both protect your home from storms and save energy and money on utility bills. The special triple layer – two layers of specially coated glass and a strong lining – keeps the storm out and stops energy loss from your home. No air entry means less cost to heat or cool, and the tight framing with heavy duty aluminum stops loss around the window as well. Savings and protection, all in the same product – you can’t beat that kind of practicality.

These impact hurricane windows eventually pay for themselves – the tax credit and the monthly savings on utilities and energy use are great, but they aren’t the end of the story. Most insurance companies give you a break on your monthly premiums when you install them. The average savings in Florida after installing impact hurricane windows is 20%, though the savings can be more than that, up to 40% in some cases.
Impact hurricane windows are the best thing that you can do to protect your home from the storm and save money. Ask the government of Lantana, Florida – they’re putting them in their buildings, and they’re looking forward to the protection and savings they will reap.