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Fort Lauderdale Impact Hurricane Windows

Fort Lauderdale in Broward County, South Florida bills itself as the ‘Venice of America’, and calls it the ideal place to live, visit or relocate a business. Things to see and do include visiting the beach, touring museums and parks, and the city boasts a great nightlife. There are opera houses, nightclubs, a convenient airport, and it’s all in the great sunshine of Florida weather.

But residents know that, just like any other city, it has things you need to be aware of. And in South Florida and Fort Lauderdale, that thing is the weather. Hurricane season, to be exact. If you’re going to live in South Florida, you must be prepared for storms. If Florida is paradise, then hurricanes are the worm in the apple.

Preparing for storms in Fort Lauderdale is essential, and one of the best things that you can do for your home and family is install impact hurricane windows on your home. In fact, they are the only type of window or door that is not required by Florida law to be protected by a hurricane shutter in order to be covered by insurance. This is because they are so strong and protect your home well from high winds, driving rain, and missile impacts from debris thrown by the storm. They don’t shatter when struck at high speed, and this is because of the special glazing finish they have on them. And not only are they specially coated, it is a double layer of glass with an inner lining that protects the window even further. So even if the first layer is breached, the storm debris, rain, or wind would have to go through two more tough layers in order to get inside your home. That’s premier protection, and it’s invaluable in a hurricane.

Impact resistant glass is nothing new; the special coating on the glass of impact hurricane windows is the same type that is used on car windshields, and has been around for years, and you know how strong they are. Can you imagine it in three layers, how strong it will be? They might crack under great force, but there is absolutely no way that flying daggers of glass are going to come into your home to endanger your family as might happen with regular, standard windows. That’s one worry taken from your mind with impact hurricane windows.

Fort Lauderdale is a wonderful place to live, if you are prepared for hurricane season. Do yourself a favor and make hurricane impact windows part of that preparation and protection.