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Hurricane Impact Windows in Coconut Creek, Florida

If you live in Coconut Creek, Florida and you are thinking of getting replacement windows for your home or business, or are in the design stage of building a new home, hurricane impact windows are the best answer to your search. Coconut Creek bills itself as ‘The Butterfly Capital of the World’ and is located in Broward County, South Florida. It is a charming city, well landscaped and settled with numerous butterfly gardens throughout the city. But like all cities in South Florida, they are prone to hurricanes and your home must be protected if you live there.

Hurricane impact windows on your Coconut Creek home gives you easy, faultless hurricane protection and are available in an extensive variety of window sizes, shapes, frames, and even glass colors. And if you are particular about your home (as we all are), hurricane impact windows can be customized to flatter any type or style of home. No more worrying about fitting hurricane shutters to odd sized or shaped windows, no more struggling with putting up or closing shutters in the event of a storm, no more darkened homes when the shutters are closed.

Hurricane impact windows combine heavyweight aluminum frames with impact resistant glass, a winning combination in protecting your home. They’re double paned, with a special inner layer that protects you further. A specially designed finishing procedure – just like the kind that goes on windshields of cars – keeps the glass from shattering on impact. Even if the outer layer of the glass cracks (and it takes a very, very hard hit to make this happen), the special inner layer keeps the glass in one piece, preventing flying glass shards and debris from entering your home or business. Hurricane impact windows have been designed to meet the strictest wind codes (meaning they will withstand high winds during hurricanes) and are approved for protection under the Miami-Dade County building codes, Florida Building Codes, and International Building Codes.

Hurricane impact windows give you absolute protection – not just against hurricanes, but against intruders, as well. If you can’t break the window, it’s harder to get in to steal or vandalize. They also keep out 99% of UV (ultraviolet), the damaging rays of the sun, and this keeps your furnishings, rugs, and beloved belongings from fading or sun damage. Because of the double paning, outside noises are also reduced, making your home quieter and more enjoyable.

Hurricane impact windows keep you safe and give you peace of mind, because after all, hurricane safety isn’t expensive, it’s invaluable.