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Hurricane Impact Windows Provide Protection from Hurricanes in Dade County

If you live in Dade County, one of the counties most hit by hurricanes in Florida, hurricane impact windows are the best protection against hurricanes and storms. With these types of windows, hurricane shutters are not needed and the specially coated impact resistant glass greatly increases the safety and decreases the energy use in your home. Impact resistant windows can also update the look of your home, giving you curb appeal and raising the value of your home.

Dade County in particular and the whole state of Florida have stringent codes for approved hurricane impact windows. They are designed and strictly tested so that they are able to withstand the excruciatingly powerful wind pressures and impacts from hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricane windows are common in South Florida, and there is a reason for that: They are the best that money can buy. They have all of the following benefits:

Hurricane impact windows save you money – The double paned and specially coated glass of impact resistant hurricane windows and doors seal the elements out of your home, and improve energy efficiency, saving you money on utility bills. While it is true that hurricane shutters protect your windows and doors, the special features of hurricane impact windows save you money on energy, as shutters do not. There is also a federal tax credit of up to $500 given for installing energy efficient hurricane impact windows on your home, and how can you beat that?

They block harmful UV rays and reduce noise – The special coating on your impact resistant windows also protect your furnishings and belongings from fading by blocking out 99% of the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays of the sun, without ever having to darken your home, as you must do with hurricane shutters to reduce sun damage. And because they’re double paned and so tightly sealed, the noises outside your home are greatly reduced, and you can’t get that with a hurricane shutter.

Keep your home safe against intruders – because they’re so hard to break, hurricane impact windows keep you safe from burglars or intruders. They’re double paned glass, specially coated, and there’s a lining between the two layers, making them almost impossible to break.

All of these benefits make hurricane impact windows the best choice for easy, strong protection against hurricanes. When you combine the energy savings, the federal tax credit, and the best protection against hurricanes that money can buy, you have a winning situation. Hurricane impact windows are the best choice for a new or existing home in Dade County, and will keep you safe from the storm.