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Pompano Beach Hurricane Impact Windows

Right in the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast lies the city of Pompano Beach, a home to many year round and part time residents, and a popular vacation spot. Pompano Beach, as the name states clearly, is right on the coast of the Gulf, with miles and miles of beautiful beaches and warm waters. There are many things to do there, and it’s a wonderful place to live.

But because of its location, like many florida cities, it is plagued by hurricanes and tropical storms. If you live in Pompano, part time or full time, you must be prepared for the eventuality of being hit by a hurricane. This means you must have a plan in case of emergency, and your home must be hurricane ready or storm proof.
One of the best things that you can do to protect your home is to install hurricane impact windows. They are the best window that money can buy, and are the only window accepted by the state of Florida that can be left uncovered by shutters during a storm. That makes them a safe alternative to hurricane shutters, and eliminates the need for bulky shutters. You know longer have to rush outside during a storm to put up shutters or close existing ones; hurricane impact windows are already installed, and you’re good to go.

The special glazing, double panes with an inner liner, and heavy weight aluminum framing keep the windows tightly sealed, keeping out wind and rain during storms. They are also extremely hard to break, and in the unlikely event that they crack, they stay in their frames and don’t shatter. This means no flying glass during a storm, and no breeches into your home that water and wind can enter. This also means no abrupt pressure changes inside your home – during hurricanes, the outside pressure is tremendous, and a broken window can let that pressure inside your home to wreak havoc. Roofs have been ripped off by pressure changes, structural damage and entire walls have fallen down – hurricane impact windows take that worry from your mind. No breech into your home mean no pressure changes, and that means less damage and a better chance of riding out the storm safely.

Hurricane impact windows are the best choice for your Pompano Beach home; living right on the water is a wonderful thing, but you must pay the price for that beauty. Hurricanes are the price you pay, and hurricane impact windows can lessen that penalty.