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South Bay Florida Impact Hurricane windows

In South Bay, Florida, sunny weather and water activities are the norm. But do you know what else is normal for this beautiful city? Hurricanes and tropical storms are normal for Florida. Hurricane season comes every year, and Florida is the state most hit by hurricanes in the United States, and residents know that it is best to well prepared in the event of a hurricane strike. Even an indirect hit or brush by a tropical storm or hurricane can cause devastating damage. Have you ever seen photos of a hurricane aftermath, and notice one or two homes standing in amongst those all destroyed? Chances are, those homes were well protected against hurricanes, and their owners were more prepared than those whose homes were destroyed.
One of the best things that you can do to protect your home is to install impact hurricane windows. They are insulating, they keep out wind borne debris thrown by storms, and they keep pressure changes that happen during hurricanes from destroying your home or damaging its structure.
Impact hurricane windows have two panes of glass, strengthened by an inner layer between the two panes. This is a major factor in reducing energy loss and heat and cold transfer from the windows. Reduced energy loss equals insulating effect, giving you the added benefit of saving money on your utility bills. They are also heavily framed with strong aluminum, and they fit tightly, reducing air loss around the windows, as well. This is another insulating factor, and another reason for installing these kinds of windows. You know what the Florida summers are like – hot, muggy, and with daily rain showers that only make it more humid. Keeping your house cool with no extra effort and with less money is a great bonus.
Impact resistant windows resist breakage, and they don’t shatter when they do break. They can’t fall out of the frame when broken, and they don’t rain down shards of sharp glass during a storm, like standard or regular windows can. They’re wind rated and missile impact tested to the most stringent standards that Florida puts out. Because they don’t shatter, and because they’re three layers of strong material, when the pressure outside your house is much higher than the pressure inside, it has no way to enter and rip apart your home. Pressure changes that happen abruptly during hurricanes can damage the structure of your home, rip off entire roofs or walls, and leave you exposed to the elements.
All these benefits are the reason that smart South Bay residents install impact hurricane windows on their homes. They’re smart protection that can save you money, and keep you safe from the storms.