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Sunrise Florida Hurricane Impact Windows

Sunrise, Florida is located in Broward County, and home to approximately 100,000 residents. They have a thriving tourist season, and the city plays host to millions of visitors each year. The beauty of nature is valued there, and the city is full of green, flourishing landscaping in its neighborhoods. Sunrise bills itself as a sustainable community, with a reliance on green or ecologically sound planning.

Because it’s a South Florida community, part of that sound planning must be hurricane proofing homes and businesses. South Florida averages 5 hurricane strikes every three years, and Florida is also the state most hit by hurricanes in the United States. The hurricane in recent years, and forecasted to continue this way, have been in a state of enhanced activity. That means more hurricanes, and more chances for your community to be hit or brushed by one. Even a near miss can mean damage to your Sunrise home, and you would be well advised to prepare in advance.

Part of that hurricane preparation means making sure your windows are secure. The state of Florida mandates by law that all windows or glass doors must be covered by shutters during a hurricane in order for your insurance to cover you, unless you have installed hurricane impact windows. They’re the only type of window allowed to stay uncovered, and that is because of their superior ability to protect your home, making them as safe, or more safe, than hurricane shutters.
Hurricane impact windows are exceptionally made to be both energy efficient and hurricane proof, making them the best choice for your home. They have a heavy weight aluminum frame that fits tightly and securely, with no air leaks around the windows or doors. They are also double paned glass, specially glazed with a silicon finish for strength and shatter resistance, with a central liner put in between the two layers of tough glass. This makes them uniquely qualified to protect you during the high winds of tropical storms and hurricanes; the windows won’t shatter during missile impacts from debris thrown at high speed by the storm, keeping you safe from flying glass. The special coating also blocks out nearly all the harmful UV rays of the sun, keeping sun damage to the interior of your home at a minimum.

The benefits of hurricane impact windows are many, and they’re a good choice for your Sunrise home. They’re energy efficient, they’re the utmost in protection: What more could you need to protect your home?