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Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Florida

A great benefit of accordion hurricane shutters is the ease with which these can be fitted. If you are a Florida resident and planning to purchase and install this type of a shutter then first and foremost you should ensure that the product conforms to Miami-Dade and Florida Building Codes. If you use building code approved products you are very likely eligible for insurance savings; i.e. you have to pay a discounted premium every year. Ideally, go for an installer that offers approved accordion hurricane shutters and is also willing to obtain the installation permit for you. As mentioned above, it takes very little time to secure a house with accordion shutters. They are available in a number of sizes and are well-suited for openings of any height and width. Once installed, these shutters are easy to manipulate and you can operate them from outside or inside your home.

Accordion shutters being permanently installed will not occupy storage space but be sure to get a proper quote from the installer on the total charges for the product; the cost will vary with the product patented to your situation, for example, there may be obstructions to the path of the shutter and the distance of the shutter from the glass. HV-BERTHA accordion hurricane shutters are the best ones out there in the market; these are made of stainless steel and capable of withstanding corrosive salty air coming in from the sea. The shutters are easy to lock and put in place. Check for the length of warranty and any guarantee that accompanies the product.