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Bahama Shutters - Florida Natives Love Them

Bahama shutters were once an integral part of Florida architecture and are still to be seen gracing the windows of many homes. Originally made of wood, these shutters are now available in aluminum which is easier to maintain and also much more durable. Bahama shutters are top mounted on the outside and can open up to 90 degrees; although most will open between 45-60 degrees. These shutters add to the appeal of your windows. They are at work for you not just during hurricane season but all year round. This is because they work admirably to keep heat, dust, and the wind away. The shutter slats can be easily manipulated to give you the desirable amount of light or shade. When closed and locked down, these shutters can withstand hurricane force winds. It goes without saying that you must be very sure that the shutters you install comply with the Florida Building Code and are capable of withstanding hurricane winds and missile impact.

You may wish to go for powder-coated aluminum Bahama shutter systems as the coating lasts much longer than ordinary paint. These shutters can be opened and closed from the inside and outside. These shutters can be installed on all the windows of a house in a couple of hours. These are usually not found mounted for doors because of the obvious constraint it would cause in movement. You can easily obtain a quote for Bahama shutter installation in Florida by filling up the details online. The height and width of the opening; surface or recess mount; presence of window sill; and choice of color are some of the factors that will determine the cost of installation.