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Florida Hurricane Shutters - A Necessity for Homeowners

If you reside in the coastal U.S state of Florida then your home and property are annually at risk from hurricanes. The hurricane season is on right now and will be in full swing till the end of September. Hurricane shutters are the best protection against hurricane damage;of course a hurricane like Katrina or Andrew is not expected to occur every year but broken windows and water damage to the insides of your house can occur even with category one hurricanes.

Florida hurricane shutters are available in different shapes and designs but all should have one thing in common – the ability to withstand hurricane force winds and offer protection. You can choose from Bahama, colonial, accordion, and roll-up shutters. The shutters can be removable or permanently installed, hand operated as well as battery operated. Any type of shutter that you install has to concur with Florida building guidelines.

Storm panels are the cheapest option out there. These are nothing more than simple corrugated metal sheets that are very easy to install. These are removable and can be used for heights of up to 12 feet. Accordion shutters are durable and versatile. They are great value for the dollars you spend on them. You can open or close these shutters from inside or the outside depending upon the window type. These can be added to concrete, masonry, and frame construction and are also ideal for curved surfaces. Accordion shutters are removable and can be stacked discreetly. Bahama hurricane shutters offer storm and shade protection and are a throwback to the 60s when they were a huge favorite with Florida home owners. You can control ventilation with these shutters. These are permanently installed shutters suited for stucco and brick constructions. Colonial shutters are made of heavy aluminum; these are relatively easy to install and use and offer excellent storm protection. Best installed when professional installers are consulted during house manufacture stage.