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Hurricane Shutters in Fort Lauderdale

Hurricane shutters are definitely a necessity for residents of Fort Lauderdale. The area comes under the hurricane zone and you don’t have to experience a Category 5 hurricane for damage to your property. Hurricane shutter contractors in Fort Lauderdale will provide you with a free estimate for putting up shutters at your place. Here are some shutter types that you can consider. Remember that hurricane shutters can pay back the investment you make on them very fast; and each year they can hand you a potential saving of around $500.

Removable panel storm shutters are the most economical of the lot. The hardware used is heavy duty and tested to withstand hurricane force winds. You can store the panels when not in use. 10 panels will not take more than an inch to stack. Colonial shutters can also be bought and installed in the Fort Lauderdale area, along with Bahama shutters these shutters offer excellent aesthetic appeal and great functionality. They protect not just against the howling winds and driving rains but also against theft, heat, sun, rain, and dirt. Bahama shutters are easy to install and are fixed; they have a very distinctive look and will add to the class of your residence, especially if you opt for wood Bahama shutters. Larger openings such as garage doors or big windows are best covered with roll-up / roll-down shutters. These shutters operate on tracks and can be manipulated manually or through a motor. Impact shutter doors and windows are the most elegant alternative but cost appropriately more. If you’re on a strict budget and have some DIY skills, you might as well put up some ply that is at least 5/8″ thick. You’ll be protected, rest assured. Folding shutters are another option, you cannot notice their presence in the closed position. They are easy to use and deploy.