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Hurricane Storm Shutters – All round protection

Hurricane storm shutters have to be versatile when it comes to storm protection. These shutters can be roll-down, accordion, Bahama, colonial, or aluminum storm panels. Your choice depends upon your requirement, structure type, budget, and whether you want a removable or fixed type of hurricane shutter.

Roll shutters are convenient and can be centrally operated. Custom sizes and shapes can be considered. These shutters can be installed during construction and secured from inside. Roll shutters are on the expensive side.

Colonial shutters are made from extruded aluminum; these can be opened or closed from outside. They can be adjusted for special shapes, custom sizes can be considered as well. These shutters are quite strong but cannot be operated from inside. They are mid-priced shutters.

Bahama shutters are the most aesthetically pleasing and can be retrofitted to any window but not on doors. These shutters are usually operated from the outside but can be fixed so that they can be opened or closed from inside. They are in the same price range as colonial shutters.

Accordion shutters have a lot of pros; the only con they have is that they can mar the architecture of a place because they are not the most aesthetic looking shutters. These shutters can also be termed low-priced. No scope for central operation but can be closed from inside. Available in unlimited widths.

Plywood sheets are the cheapest of all options and the easiest for a DIY job. A sheet with a minimum width of 5/8th of an inch is perfect to ward off the strongest hurricane winds.

Storm panels are another option. These can be made from steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate. They can be built-in during construction but are time consuming to install. Individual panels can be difficult to replace if manufacturer has stopped producing them.