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Bahama Style Shutters for Your Home

Bahama style shutters have been favored by folk staying on the coast and also in tropical areas. Not only do these shutters help prevent hurricane winds from damaging your property but also prevent heat, dust, dirt from entering your premises. Earlier made from wood, these shutters are now made from fiberglass. The slats can be moved up or down to manipulate the amount of light and the kind of breeze you want in. A big advantage with these shutters is that they keep the rooms airy and let in soft light.

The pricing will vary with the manufacturer and assembly parts used. Check for the extent of warranty on these products. Many Bahama shutters, particularly those made with synthetic materials, come with a lifetime warranty. The paint on the shutters should be exterior grade paint that can take on the elements without deteriorating for at least a decade and half. If you stay in a hurricane zone then you need to reinforce your Bahama shutters if there is a risk of wind speeds in excess of 70mph. These shutters are also known as Bermuda Shutters and can be made with fixed or movable louvers. These shutters will open from the inside and outside; they are fixed outside and are easy to retrofit.