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Roll-Down Security Shutters for Hurricane Protection

If you’re looking for hurricane protection then you cannot go wrong with roll-down shutters. These installations will protect both commercial and residential structures. Apart from protection from wind and rain damage these shutters also help you with sun control, energy savings, privacy and noise reduction. And very importantly, they serve as the first line of defense against break-ins. You can place these shutters on any opening that you wish to be covered. The shutters are installed on the outside but can be controlled from inside the house. The control can be manual, electrical, or via a remote. You can even time these shutters to roll up and down. The basic components of a roll-down shutter are the shutter slats, guide rail, and shutter box. The pricing depends upon the size of the opening, material used, and special feature that you may want, and finish.

If you decide to go for roll-on shutters, do a check on the type of surfaces they work best on, costing, and after-sales service that the installer is willing to offer. You can request online quotes from shutter installers. Be sure to offer exact and accurate information regarding the size of the windows, age of construction, space above the door and window, etc. The shutters are available in a number of color combinations.