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What Are the Advantages of Clear Storm Panels

The biggest advantage with clear storm panels is that you don’t feel boxed in; you can see what’s happening outside and the flow of heat is not hindered, this is useful in the winter months. Clear hurricane shutter panels are made from a number of materials. Choose a shutter that conforms to the storm and hurricane resistance codes of your area. What is the warranty of the product? If the premises are under construction then check the feasibility of having these shutters put up during that stage, it may work out cheaper and you’ll get a sturdier product as against a retrofit job.

These glasses do not rust or corrode and can also offer protection from UV rays. Another big advantage with clear storm panels, particularly for commercial enterprises is that they do not have to shut shop or appear closed when a storm warning is issued or even generally during hurricane season. With other types of shutters, you run the risk of losing business with customers walking right past the shop even when it is open simply because the hurricane shutter blocks the view.

Clear shutter panels are lightweight, easy to install, and do not have any sharp edges. The width of the opening is not an issue. These shutters will retain their shape even upon impact. For multi-storied structures, these panels are usually installed from the inside.