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Cheap Hurricane Shutters to Protect Your Florida Home

Florida lies in the hurricane zone and every seven years, Miami is exposed twice to massive hurricanes that pass around 75 miles from the city. The only security we have against hurricanes is hurricane shutters. Of course, advanced warning systems are crucial too as they give us time to move to higher ground. But we cannot take our property with us. It stays back. And it needs protection. In the absence of hurricane protection, high pressure winds can enter inside the house. This can lead to structural failure, first the roof goes and then the walls weaken. As mentioned above, the only protection from wind damage is to have hurricane shutters installed.

You don’t need fancy hurricane shutters to get the work done. Cheap hurricane shutters can just as well afford all-round protection to your home. Plywood is the best inexpensive material for use as hurricane shutters. It will not go over $2 / square foot. Take care that the ply is at least 5/8th of an inch thick. You can save even more by installing these shutters by yourself as a DIY job, no need to get an installer. Just ensure that you are compliant with the building codes of your city and state. Install the shutters correctly. Plywood is okay for windows, but you will need something else for your doors. Maybe accordion or roll-down shutters.

Hurricane panels made from aluminum or steel are another alternative that is inexpensive. These can be bolted to the window framing or placed on tracks. These panels are also easy to remove. Such panels can cover any width and length and should not go beyond $7 / square foot.