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Installation of aluminum patio roof panels

Aluminum is the material of choice for patio roof panels. And there are many DIY kits available that teach you how to install aluminum patio roof panels.

Select insulated aluminum panels. And ones that attach seamlessly with one another so that these are easy to walk on. Insulation will mean that heat does not get transferred to where you are on the patio. The main criterion for selecting a DIY aluminum patio roof panel kit is ease of assembly. Choose a kit that has panels with snap-lock features so that they can be attached to the house walls.

The thickness and width of panels make a difference. If you are ordering a kit online then it should contain roof panels, fascias, gutters, downspouts, screws, sealant, brackets, etc. You’ll need to have the tools in place by yourself. Give yourself a weekend to set up this ceiling. And if possible, get a few friends to help you with the job. The roof you set up has to be compliant with the area building codes, so check if the material you are getting in the kit and the design recommended are in line with municipal and state laws.

The aluminum posts that you will be getting need to be cemented into the ground. These will bear the load of the roof. The slope of the roof has to be pre-determined; usually there is a standard that you will follow. Custom-designs will need to be discussed with the company manufacturing the kit.

The number of downspouts will increase with the size of the patio roof. You’ll need more than one downspout if the roof area is more than 200 square feet.

If you plan on placing a fan on the roof, then it needs an additional beam installed.