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How is aluminum panel cladding used?

Aluminum panel or more correctly aluminum composite panel or aluminum composite material are phrases describing flat panels made of aluminum that are used as cladding for building exteriors. Aluminum sheets have a non-aluminum core, often an insulating material, between them and this composite forms the panel. Such panels come in different sizes with varying insulation properties and find use in the construction industry. These panels can also be used for signage purposes.

Aluminum composite panels can easily maintain their shape as they are very rigid and extremely strong. They are also very light in weight. These are essential properties that add to their usefulness. They can easily be hauled up heights and fitted without any problem. The material is easy to paint and can take on metallic as well as non-metallic textures.

These panels are also excellent for placing false ceilings because they are easy to install and have insulation properties. Because they are light and can hold paint easily, they form an excellent substrate for hoardings. LDPE or low density polyurethane is the most commonly used insulation core. Even plywood can serve as a core. These claddings can be used for canopies and soffits as well. Their low cost and resilience are their main advantages. Fabricating these panels is easy. You can install them as a DIY exercise if you so wish. Panels available for home use do not rot and are weather resistant. You choose panels that mimic cedar shingles and wood clapboard. Keep in mind that metal expands and contracts with heat, so remember to keep allowance for this when installing aluminum cladding. The cladding should be watertight and airtight. You will have to trim the panels at places so that they fit tight, particularly at the door and window sides so that door and window trims do not get damaged. You will have to put gutter seal adhesives on the panels under the window sill. Decide in advance whether you wish to install vertical or horizontal panels.

The type of installation can be made to suit your requirements and so can the core filling depending upon the extent of thermal insulation and heat retardation that you want. When used as partitions, the aluminum panel cladding can be installed quickly and can be removed just as fast.

A good thing with these panels is that they can actually be fabricated on-site so transportation costs are avoided.