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Rolling Shutters - Prices and Performance Considerations

Rolling shutters prices are on the higher side than almost all other types because of the tremendous advantages they offer. Let us enumerate the factors that make these shutters such a good choice and also the points that can affect rolling shutters prices. Rolling shutters can cost $16-$40 per square foot. That’s expensive compared to what a plywood shutter or even a Bahama shutter would cost you, but then roll-up or roll-down shutters have many positives and money spent on these shutters is money well-spent.

The big advantage with these shutters is that they can be operated from within and without. You can manage them manually or with a motor. So this makes them suitable for old-age homes or large homes. You can even have them centrally operated. Once installed at a difficult-to-access opening, these shutters offer great ease of manipulation not afforded by other shutter types. Rolling shutters are made from aluminum or polymer, they are lightweight and have been favored in Europe for longer than they have been popular in North America. You also offer your property excellent secondary protection with these shutters; they can prevent break-ins. Lower your home insurance and hurricane insurance premiums by having these shutters in place. They can be built to cover huge widths and heights; although in such cases it is better to use multiple shutters across the width in order to maintain shutter strength.

You need just one person to have the house storm-ready with these shutters. Keep in mind though that motorized roll-down shutters will require battery backup for them to be operated during a hurricane. These shutters take little space and are excellent value for the money you put in.