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Hurricane shutters – Miami residents need them

Miami residents in the state of Florida cannot do better than installing hurricane shutters given that the state faces the threat of hurricanes every year. The internet has made a wealth of information available to prospective hurricane shutters customers and you should make use of this information.
Today, apart from the traditional shutter types such as roll on and accordion, you can avail new shutter types that are lightweight, resilient, and do the job admirably. These include impact resistant glass and hurricane fabrics.

The benefits of hurricane fabrics include more scope for fitting these where the old types won’t fit. Even on odd-shaped openings these transparent membranes will hold against wind pressure of up to 276 miles per hour. This makes it eligible for areas even where extreme storm winds are possible.

Polypropylene is the material of choice; it is 100% UV resistant and therefore protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. Its elasticity and stretchability increase its performance against high force impacts. Because the material is translucent you get sunlight inside, a big plus that is not available with traditional shutter types. These shutters are easy to install because of the sewn seams. You should check with the installer about the usefulness of these shutter types for sharp debris because once there is a tear in a structure, it rapidly loses its resistance to hurricane winds. These are low weight solutions that weigh as less as 1/10th the weight of corresponding aluminum solutions. Also check if this is available in different thicknesses. These shutters may not be most suitable for covering wide widths.

Impact-resistant glass that may crack but will not shatter is another alternative. You get the advantage of sunlight and breeze with this type. The glass acts as a sound, noise, and heat insulator.

You should check with your local Miami installers about the latest in hurricane shutter technology. Also don’t forget to check with your insurance company about their acceptance of any particular type of hurricane shutter protection. You stand to gain from lower premiums when you install the appropriate protection.