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Rolling storm shutters for hurricane protection

Rolling shutters are by far the most versatile when it comes to hurricane shutter protection. They have a number of advantages that makes them a favorite with not only residential but also commercial establishments in not only regions susceptible to hurricanes but also in other parts of the country. These shutters are made from aluminum. They can be added to protect openings during the construction phase or you can have them retrofitted. They are unobtrusive and hardly visible in the rolled-up state. These only need to be pulled down and this can be done manually or via electric motor. This facility is a special feature with rolling storm shutters and makes them a great fit for homes where aged folks and invalids stay. Remote operation is also a possibility. As we can see, roll-down shutters score big when it comes to ease of use.

Apart from hurricane protection, these shutters provide an excellent means of security and hence are favored by business premises. These shutters in front of the door prevent miscreants from forcing their way in. Roll-down shutters can be used on openings 16-feet wide and up to 15-feet high. You can always check with the manufacturer if special sizes are available. Light control and sound insulation are other advantages with these shutters. They can help you save on heating costs in colder months. Your privacy is not compromised. Aluminum roll-down shutters with vents allow light to come in.

There are no drawbacks to roll-down shutters except that they cannot really be installed on curved surfaces. And they are expensive, but then we get what we pay for and in the case of these shutters, we get excellent hurricane protection.

These shutters are best installed during the construction phase so that you know exactly about the space considerations for the railing and shutter housing. It also allows you to plan for other things such as electrical wiring, lamps, doorbells, decorations, etc. If the surface is not smooth then special installation techniques are required.

These shutter types are usually compliant with the building codes of a state and meet requirements to withstand hurricane force winds. All the same, you should check that the shutters you decide to install satisfy these requirements.