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Rolling shutters in Louisiana

If you are a resident of southern Louisiana you live in the shadow of storms and hurricanes. You know you need protection, the question is which one works best for you. You can choose from Bahama Shutters, Plantation Shutters, Roll-Down Shutters, Accordion Shutters and Storm Panels. The memories of Katrina and Rita are still fresh in the minds of Louisiana residents.

While on the subject of rolling shutters in Louisiana it is worthwhile mentioning the following additional steps that you must take to ensure the safety of your property.

1. Strengthen the doors.
2. Install storm shutters, of course.
3. Walls must be fixed to the foundations.
4. Roofs must be bolted to the walls.
5. Air conditioning panels must be elevated. Ditto for washers, dryers and electrical panels.

There are a number of tools available to Louisiana residents. Storm panels are inexpensive and reliable, but not the most pretty looking. These can be installed horizontally or vertically. These are slid into aluminium headers fastened using wing nuts. On the other hand, rolling shutters are expensive, but offer excellent convenience. These can also be used for security and not just storm protection.
The aftermath of major hurricanes in Louisiana has resulted in a business boom for hurricane shutters manufacturers. This fact, coupled with the incentives put in place by the Louisiana government has made the buying of rolldown shutters cheap. The Louisiana Department of Revenue offers a once a year tax holiday for those who install hurricane shutters. This happens in the month of May. So get in touch with the Dept to learn more about how you can install rolldown shutters in an inexpensive manner.

Remember, in a coastal state like Louisiana, even if you happen to live far inland your location is no guarantee you will be safe when a hurricane hits.