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Points to keep in mind points to keep in mind for post-hurricane home renovation in Florida

Hurricanes are a reality in Florida, and so is the damage when one lands in the coastal areas of the state. Rebuilding hurricane damaged constructions requires special skill and knowledge. If your home in Florida has been recently damaged by hurricane you need to read this article and imbibe the points so that can secure your property against future damage from storms.

It all begins with selecting the right renovation or rehabilitation contractor. Ask friends about their experiences with contractors and learn more about the ones they recommend.

How long has the contractor been serving the community? This is an important metric to test the kind of trust the contractor inspires. If he can give you references, that’s great.

Check if the contractor will be willing to build all damaged portions such that they confirm to the latest Florida post-hurricane home renovation codes in Florida.

The contractor should make use of hurricane straps and clips to keep the roof connected to the walls. Each level should be leveled to the level below, make sure that the bracing and truss tie-down points are lined properly. If the construction has more than just the ground floor then light gauge steel straps can be used to moor the first floor to the foundation.

Ensure that the contractor makes use of only rated bracing material when repairing damaged walls. Look up NAHB Research Center guidelines regarding the best practices concerning the use of lasting materials. The size of nails and nailing schedule has to be correct; lower number of nails on the roof sheathing has been found as one of reasons for roofs blowing off during hurricanes. Use ring-shank nails in areas where hurricane winds blow at speeds above 110 miles per hour. Hurricane shutters are an essential element to protect constructions from wind-borne debris and heavy rain. Choose shutters that comply with the state safety codes related to hurricane shutters.

Garage doors that stand true during a hurricane serve a valuable purpose; they protect property from severe damage. If the garage door fails, it opens up the path for heavy damaging winds and rain.

Look up the latest on disaster resistant technologies, and confirm that your chosen contractor is up to date on it as well.