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Hurricane Shutters in Destin, Florida

If you’re planning to install hurricane shutters in Destin, Florida then you might want to read on and learn a few interesting things about hurricane shutters and Florida. This information will help you save money and also allow you to equip your property with the most appropriate hurricane protection for the construction in question.

Do you know that if your home is in the Wind Borne Debris Region (WBDR) then you are legally required to have hurricane shutters fitted on your property. If your property is evaluated at more than $750,000 and not fitted with hurricane protection then your insurance may be in jeopardy.

Storm protection standards have evolved, as have materials and technology used for creating hurricane shutters. Choose shutters with PSF rating adequate for meeting the threat of hurricane winds in your region. Cheap hurricane shutters with low PSF ratings may save you money, but put you at risk of severe property damage.

Consider aluminum rolling shutters for your Destin, Florida residential and commercial properties. Choose from vented or non-vented slats. Aluminum shutters protect against the elements and theft. These can be operated manually or through motor. Impact windows are another alternative; they save energy and protect from hurricanes. Good impact windows comply with wind zone 4 testing standards. Window film is not the same as impact windows. These are retrofitted to existing glass windows and do nothing to strengthen the window framing.

Regardless of the type of hurricane shutter, it has to be installed such that it does not compromise the structural integrity of your home. Shutters need to come good on two criteria – impact resistance and cyclic resistance.

Finally, check the hurricane shutter warranty. A confident shutter installer will provide a reasonably long warranty; a short warranty is a red flag. Incorporate these points on due diligence and your hurricane shutter for property in Destin, Florida will do the job you want it to.