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Hurricane Shutters in Panama City, Florida

Do not wait for hurricane season 2018 to arrive before you begin to consider hurricane shutter protection for your property. By the, it might be too late. Plywood boards are not a solution to bank on. You need hurricane rated products that you can trust and your insurance company can trust.

There is no dearth of shutter installers trying to sell you their services and products. But you don’t install hurricane shutters in Panama City, Florida everyday. It is not like installing a faucet or putting up a curtain. Your property and the wellbeing of your family are at stake. You need protection that will be able to withstand nature’s fury. Moreover, hurricanes do not happen every year, but when a big one comes, it tests the hurricane preparedness of all properties in an area. You want to be prepared for that test.

In Florida, there are two hurricane product approvals – Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) or the State of Florida Product Approval Number (FL#). Is your hurricane shutter installer able to provide this information? These approvals are seals of state recognition and mean that the installation is indeed of a grade that qualifies it for hurricane protection. It will help lower insurance premiums. Miami-Dade NOA is a requirement for properties in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone located in South Florida. If your property is located in the panhandle, then you don’t need Miami-Dade NOA hurricane protection.

Check if the shutter installer is licensed for the job. This is important because hurricane installation requires skill. Ads placed by hurricane shutter installers must have license numbers displayed. If you’re looking for hurricane shutters in Panama City, Florida then check out the licensed hurricane shutter installers we have in our database.

If a job has to measure up to code, then the engineering used for the work must meet specification. When installers report for the work, insist on checking whether the fasteners to be used have been approved for the job. The shutters will work only if the fasteners attaching them to the property are sturdy; if they are not then your property is at risk.

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