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Clam Shell Awnings in Melbourne, Florida

If you are looking to protect your home from the harmful effects of the sun, clam shell awnings in Melbourne, Florida are the way to go. Long used by Floridians because of their great style and for the great protection they afford, clam shell awnings are perfect for Florida life.

Clamshell awnings in Melbourne are popular for the following reasons:

  • Easy to operate – one person can easily open or close all the clam shell awnings in just a few minutes
  • Easy to install
  • Available in a multitude of colors to match your home, and stripes can be added to base colors, making color matching for your home even easier
  • Provide excellent security – in the closed position, the clam shell awning provides security for your home or office
  • Protect your home from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun – that means less fading of furnishings and curtains from the harsh Florida sun
  • Can lower cooling costs of your home due to the extra shade provided by the clamshell awning
  • With the clam shell awning, you can leave your windows open during lighter storms, without fear of leaking or rain coming into the house or office
  • They’re beautiful and pleasing to the eye

While a non-impact product, clam shell awnings in Melbourne, Florida can serve many purposes – storm protection, security, beautifying your home, and lowering your cooling costs. Storm protection is crucial in Florida, and clam shell awnings can add to that protection.

If you would like a free estimate for clam shell awnings in the Melbourne area, Hurricane Shutters Florida gives a free estimate for Clam Shell storm shutters. After you provide your measurements and choose the colors that you want, the awnings will be made and shipped directly to your door, which means big savings for you. Custom built clam shell awnings can be installed easily – either by you or someone else. Hurricane Shutters Florida even has helpful DIY videos to help you with Bahama hurricane shutter installation.

Clam shell awnings are both beautiful and practical, and they go well with Florida homes and Florida weather. Preparation is key for hurricane season, and Hurricane Shutters Florida is there to help you. If you’re ready to order your Clam Shell Awnings in Melbourne, Florida, call 888-474-3555 for a free estimate or visit the website to learn more and get an online price.