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Preparation will Eliminate Hurricane Anxiety in St. Thomas

St. Thomas, the most cosmopolitan of the US Virgin Islands, is a jewel of the Caribbean. Following the impact of the 2017 hurricane season, the island has been renewed structurally and the USVI spirit is thriving. The start of 2018 hurricane season is upon us and it certainly brings anxiety when you reflect upon last year’s storm season. With seventeen named storms, 10 hurricanes, and six major hurricanes, the impact of the 2017 hurricane season included the most damaging hurricanes of Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Two category 5 hurricanes contributed to making 2017 the costliest season on record with over $282 billion in damage. The number one way to ease your anxiety and concerns as a new season has begun is preparation. Preparing and stocking an emergency preparedness kit is a must. But the most valuable means of protection that you can provide for you and your family is securing your home and business with Accordion Hurricane Shutters by Hurricane Shutters Florida!

Hurricane Shutters Florida is your one-stop destination for Accordion Hurricane Shutters! Hurricane Shutters Florida provides home owners and businesses in the Caribbean the means to protect against the forces of Mother Nature and provide safety and security during hurricanes. With more than 35 years of experience in design, sales, manufacturing, and construction, you can be rest assured of quality and expertise in securing your home and place of business.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are the ideal solution for those who don’t want to fuss with (or can’t physically handle) putting up heavy aluminum panels. When it comes to convenience and ease of operation, Accordion Hurricane Shutters by Hurricane Shutters Florida are ideal! Accordion Hurricane Shutters are the ultimate solution for all size windows as well as doors, balconies, and patio sliders. The shutters’ simplicity of use makes storm preparation of your property the perfect solution – gliding smoothly and locking securely in a quick and easy manner! Constructed of heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum panels, Hurricane Shutters Florida’s Accordion Hurricane Shutters have been engineered to meet the most stringent wind codes in the United States. You can be assured that the Accordion Hurricane Shutters have been reviewed and accepted by the nation’s most stringent code – Miami-Dade product control division, Florida Building Code, plus the International Building Code.

Hurricane Shutters Florida ships Accordion Hurricane Shutters internationally. While we only install shutters in South Florida, we provide both instructional videos to measure your windows and doors (Measure, plus easy to install instructions that can be found at Accordian

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