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Hurricane Protection in Savanna-la-Mar: Colonial Shutters

Savanna-la-Mar is no stranger to Mother Nature! That is why Hurricane Shutters Florida has become a leading choice for factory-direct storm protection on the island. Hurricane Shutters Florida has been manufacturing quality shutters to protect homes and buildings and many of the businesses in Savanna-la-Mar and worldwide for many years. Hurricane Shutters Florida offers numerous styles of shutters and storm protection products that can withstand the forceful winds and waters that a hurricane or tropical storm can produce.

Hurricane Shutters Florida is Savanna-la-Mar‘s one-stop destination for all types of exterior shutters – manufactured here in the United States and shipped worldwide often within a week up to 10 weeks.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters are made of a heavy aluminum and manufactured to fit your windows and doors. They can be easily installed after viewing a video online, with simple instructions you can understand. We also have a video you can view that will show you how to measure your openings in order to allow your shutters to securely fit when hung correctly. Then, you can install the provided metal bracket onto the building to secure the shutter in place when not in use.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters from Hurricane Shutters Florida can be chosen to fit many architectural designs such as the beautiful arches, angles or the curved window tops found on the homes and buildings in Savanna-la-Mar. There are many custom colors available as well. You can review our hurricane products on our website where you will find detailed descriptions of our hurricane shutters. We offer other styles of shutters, too such as Accordion Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Roll-down Shutters and more. You, your contractor or your handyman can install our quality hurricane shutters and save money on our factory-direct prices.

With a drill, screw driver, level and piece of wood, one person can easily install the Colonial Hurricane Shutters, knowing it’s straight, secure and easy to use. When not in use, place your bolts and wing nuts into an envelope, roll it up and insert it into a bar used to secure your shutters when opened, so you can have all your parts together for use when warned of a hurricane heading your way.

Hurricane Shutters Florida will promptly deliver your shutters (hardware included), to your home or business in Savanna-la-Mar so you can be storm-ready this hurricane season!

Take your time and view our tutorial videos to learn how to precisely measure your windows and doors before placing your order. We also provide installation videos for your convenience. To place your order or for more information, please call: (954) 474-3557 or (800) 474-3555. We look forward to hearing from you!