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Rolling Shutters Protect Homes and Businesses in Barbados from Hurricanes

You’ve got to be prepared for a hurricane. You know the drill – you stock up on batteries, canned goods, and water. You put gas in the car. You get out the plywood and panels to put on your windows once again and wonder if there is a better way to protect your home in Barbados from the incoming storm. There is! Roll-down hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development make your hurricane preparation easier than ever.

Made of the finest grade of aluminum, our rolling shutters are sturdy and dependable. Rolling shutters are perfect to use on homes, hotels, and historic buildings in Barbados. Their sleek, European styling enhances the structure of your building while also providing you with the utmost protection. The roll-down storm shutters are custom built to fit your windows and doors, and are housed above each opening. They are built to be operated manually or by a motor with a manual override option. You can secure your home quickly and easily with roll-down hurricane shutters. These strong shutters are built by Empire Construction to withstand high winds and flying objects. Our rolling hurricane shutters provide the greatest level of protection available and are compliant with current wind codes for Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean.

Empire Construction & Development’s rolling hurricane shutters are available with:

  • 40mm or 60mm Blade Height
  • A White, Beige, Ivory or Bronze Powder Coated Finish
  • Manual Hand Crank, Standard Motor, or Upgraded Hertz Motor with remote control

Rolling Shutters can be used for security purposes – they make it easy to lock up your home or business in Barbados. Rolling shutters can also make your home more energy efficient – when closed, they keep out the sun and heat, reduce the temperature in your home, and significantly lower cooling costs. Roll-down shutters are also great for protecting furniture, artwork, and other valuables from the damaging effects of the sun. Empire Construction custom builds roll-down shutters to the specifications you need. Rolling shutters fit windows, doors, and other openings of most sizes.

At Empire Construction, our 35 years of experience in manufacturing and construction allows us to make the best products for your storm protection needs. Call us today at: 888-474-3555. Our expert team is ready to give you a free estimate for roll-down hurricane shutters in Barbados. Or get an online quote – plug in your window measurements and the type of shutter you need. Don’t wait – with roll-down hurricane shutters, you can keep your home in Barbados safe from the storm.