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Bahama Shutters Keep Homes in Providencia Island Safe

Each hurricane season, safety is a priority for residents of the Caribbean islands. Homes in Providencia Island need effective storm protection to prevent the damage a hurricane or tropical storm can cause. With dangerously high wind speeds, driving rain, and the ability to send objects flying through the air, windows on all homes in areas prone to hurricanes should be protected with quality hurricane shutters. Empire Construction & Development provides durable hurricane shutters to homeowners throughout the Caribbean who want the best storm protection at a great price.

Bahama hurricane shutters are a popular shutter among island residents for their attractive appearance, and the excellent storm protection they provide. Bahama shutters are made of extruded aluminum, and are available in a wide variety of colors. These storm shutters add to the look of any home. Bahama hurricane shutters are mounted above each window at a 45 degree angle, and you can adjust them to open to 60 degrees with the convenient control arms built into each shutter. For everyday use, you can leave Bahama shutters open for ventilation. When preparing for a storm, you can quickly close each shutter and secure your home in no time!

Empire Construction & Development will build your Bahama shutters to fit each window on your home. Simply measure your windows, from the outside, and provide us with the measurements by phone call or email. We manufacture Bahama shutters at our warehouse and, once completed, ship them by freight carrier to your property in Providencia Island. You, your handyman, or a contractor can install Bahama shutters on your home – to see the easy installation process, take a look at the installation video on our Bahama shutters product page.

While many customers use our shutters for reliable and convenient storm protection, many of our customers also enjoy the additional benefits that Bahama shutters provide. Bahama storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development can add shade to the rooms of your home. In the tropical climate of Providencia Island, the year-round warm weather can cause high cooling costs for homeowners. Bahama shutters can help you to reduce your cooling costs and increase your home’s energy-efficiency by providing the shade that lowers your indoor air temperature every day. Bahama shutters are also excellent privacy and security shutters – though you will be able to see out of the perforated backing of these shutters, they provide substantial privacy. Bahama shutters are affixed permanently to each window and are sturdy enough to protect your windows against all threats of breakage.

For questions on your Bahama shutter order, or to get a detailed quote, contact us or call: 888-474-3555 to speak to our storm protection team. Get Bahama storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development and keep your home in Providencia Island safe from hurricanes and tropical storms.