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Get the Best Storm Protection in Barbados with Accordion Shutters from Empire Construction & Development

Every hurricane season, residents of the Caribbean know that hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical cyclones pose a threat. Tropical storm winds can reach 73 MPH, and hurricane-force winds can exceed 100 MPH – wind speeds that high can cause serious property damage. While the path of a storm can’t be changed, if a hurricane or tropical storm is coming your way, you can reduce your home’s risk of damage by using high-quality storm shutters from Empire Construction & Development.

Accordion shutters are a popular product among our customers in the Caribbean for their durability and ease-of-use. When a storm is coming your way, you don’t want to wonder if your shutters are strong enough to withstand the wind and flying debris. And you don’t want to be struggling with storm shields that are hard to put up right before a storm. Accordion shutters allow you to quickly and easily secure your windows, doors, patio, and other openings on your property in Barbados. Heavy-duty nylon wheels let these shutters glide open and closed along their track. Accordion shutters lock securely at their center, and fold to each side of the opening when not in use.

If you are ready to buy accordion shutters, you may wonder what size accordion shutters are available in. Hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development are custom-made to fit each of your windows, doors, and other openings. Accordion shutters can be used on most openings, on both commercial and residential buildings. Our accordion shutters are built to adhere to the most stringent wind codes, and are made of extruded aluminum that can withstand the elements.

Accordion hurricane shutters are installed on the exterior of windows and doors, and provide long-lasting protection for your property in the Lesser Antilles. These shutters work great and look great – they enhance the value of any property. Accordion storm shutters are available in four colors: white, beige, ivory, and bronze. Select the color that will best complement your home in Barbados.

Aluminum accordion shutters can also function as security shutters for homes, hotels, restaurants, and stores in Barbados. These shutters completely cover windows, doors, and storefronts and have specially designed key locks. If you want to lock up your store overnight to secure your home when you leave the island, accordion shutters will do the job!

When you make the choice to install shutters on your property in Barbados, make sure you choose a quality product. At Empire Construction & Development, we build great storm protection products that make it easy for our customers to protect their homes and other properties. For a price quote, or to order accordion shutters, contact us today. To speak to a member of our helpful team, call: 888-474-3555. Get accordion shutters from Empire Construction & Development for the best hurricane protection in Barbados!