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Accordion Shutters for Crystal River, Citrus County, Florida

Crystal River in Citrus County, Florida lies to the northeast of Kings Bay and the eponymously named river. Crystal River lies in a high-risk hurricane zone. Since 1930, the area has been seen 60 hurricanes.

Consider securing your premises from the damage caused by hurricane winds and the debris that they can fling at your property by installing accordion shutters.

Accordion shutters offer a great advantage of swift deployment. Once accordion shutters are in place, you need not worry about having to install new windows every time a storm damages the old ones. The interiors of your premises will be safe from damage.

Accordion shutters can be deployed by one person, and can cover wide widths as well as curved openings that roll down shutters may not be able to cover. Empire Construction and Development offers the best accordion shutters for Crystal River and at the best prices. Heavy duty locks offer maximum security and protection from attempts to tamper with the shutters when you are not around. Extruded aluminum slats are of the highest quality and extremely durable. These block all that hurricanes can hurl at them.

Hurricane Shutters Florida will put you in touch with the best accordion shutter contractors in Crystal River so that you can choose shutters that are easy to use, with secure locking, and easily foldable for compact storing.

When you install accordion shutters in Crystal River, you not only obtain protection for your property but also increase its resale value. You will find buyers for your property more readily when the property is properly secured with hurricane shutters. Empire Shutters assures you of the ideal storm protection.

The accordion shutters you’ll have installed will move easily on heavy-duty nylon wheels. With minimum maintenance, of the tracks and slats you can keep these shutters working smoothly for years.

The shutters can be installed on stand-alone properties, condominiums, and even in high rise buildings.

Choose from white, ivory, beige, and bronze colors for the accordion shutters. Call us for a quote or get it online. We can install shutters in two weeks during the off season and in around four weeks during hurricane season.