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Aruba Residents: Here’s How to Secure Your Homes from Storms

Prominently known for its beautiful island beaches and tropical environment, Aruba is a place where many can only dream of vacationing one day. Residents of Aruba, both year-round and part-time, know all too well how suddenly the charming atmosphere can drastically change once tropical storms strike. Each year storms circulating the Bahamas cause destruction, and your home or business could be next to feel the devastation. Aruba provides the scenic views, but not always the peace of mind of keeping you, your loved ones, and belongings safe.

Preparing in advance for inevitable tropical storms is a smart decision in minimizing the amount of potential damage. One of the most effective methods for securing a building in preparation for a storm is with the use of panel storm shutters. Panel shutters are a great choice for those living in Aruba who want the security of protecting their home without spending a lot of money. Panel shutters are a great option as they are removable, durable, and easy to store which make them very convenient to transfer around the home at the owner’s discretion.

Our hurricane storm panels are uniquely designed to provide you with freedom to choose your preferred style and finish of the panels. Storm panels are available in an aluminum material as well as a clear polycarbonate material. Tracks allow for the panels to be easily installed and movable and are available in either a white or bronze finish. The design of our storm panels is also specialized in that they have a two-inch rise panel that yields about 25% extra strength than a traditional flat plank or plywood. In addition, our storm shutters are engineered to naturally fit the many architectural styles of houses in Aruba, and they come with a five-year warranty.

Storm panels offer an effective method of protecting homes in Aruba, as they are accepted by the International Building code. Not only effective and federally approved, our storm panels are also very easy to install. Storm panels can either be attached to a house by sliding into a track secured to the house, or simply with a concrete anchor and stainless-steel screws. If interested in attaching your storm panels to a track, we offer a variety of hurricane tracks which can be found TracksHERE.

Now is the time to prepare your homes against Aruba’s tropical storms. Please contact us today for a FREE estimate by calling us at (954)- 474-3557. You can also visit our website if you’re interested in learning more information about panel shutters. Our website also offers exclusive DIY videos for installation and details the different sizes and lengths of our storm panel shutters that are available for purchase. Aruba is a beautiful place; make sure to protect your home today to give yourself the peace of mind needed to enjoy the island life.