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Hurricane Protection and Tropical Cool with Bahama Shutters in Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater in Pinellas County, Florida is regarded as among the best places for retirees in America. If you have a property in this beautiful town, then you do know that Clearwater is often buffeted by hurricanes. In 2017, hurricane Irma damaged properties worth $1.5 million. You don’t want that to happen to your property, especially if you’re a retiree. The answer lies in choosing the right hurricane shutters.

Empire Construction & Development provides excellent options in hurricane protection. Our Bahama shutters, accepted by the Miami-Dade County Product Control Division, Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code, are among the most popular shutters that we inventory.

Our clients all over Florida choose Bahama shutters for their hurricane protection properties, their ability to add to the exterior décor, ease of installation, easy operation from within and without, choice in colors, security features, and the availability of ventilation, sunlight, and easy adjustment for privacy.

Bahama shutters are attached permanently over the windows. The horizontal arms holding the shutters enable comfortable viewing through the slats. Deploy the shutter smoothly by unfastening the arms and locking the shutters in place.

If you want your house to acquire a beautiful look, then install these shutters. However, installing these shutters is a little more involved task as compared to accordion and roll down shutters.

Bahama shutters by Empire Construction provide hurricane security and great curb appeal. If you ever place your property for sale, be assured that the Bahama shutters installed will contribute to raising the asking price of the property. Cut electricity costs with Bahama shutters. Allow ventilation and airiness while keeping the harsh sun out.

Impact rated Bahama shutters can get you insurance discounts.

Made from durable aluminum, Bahama shutters sold by Hurricane Shutters Florida can be opened 90 degrees, allowing you excellent views when you want to enjoy these. You’ll never be boxed in with Bahama shutters. Contact us today for hurricane shutter installation in Clearwater, Florida.