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Which Type of Storm Panel is Right for Your Home?

Anyone who has been through a hurricane can tell you that these powerful storms can be pretty nerve-wracking. Hurricanes bring high winds and flying debris that are a danger to your safety and your home — these storms can potentially cause broken windows and other property damage. When waiting out a hurricane inside your home, you will want to know that you and your family are safe. You want to find the right storm protection product. To stay safe and protect your home during storm season, you can buy durable, dependable storm panels from Empire Construction & Development.

Storm panels are an excellent storm protection product for homes of all sizes. Hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development are easy to use – you can secure your home in under an hour with our sturdy panels. We offer two types of storm panels:

  • Aluminum storm panels – sturdy and opaque. These panels are easily stackable to store when not in use. These shutters are economical and effective.
  • Clear Polycarbonate panels – storm panels that you can see through. These clear storm panels are made from polycarbonate resin and inhibit UV rays to protect the interior of your home, while letting light in. These panels are shatter-proof, do not rust, and will not corrode.

Both aluminum panels and clear storm panels are made to withstand the strongest impact tests. You can easily install either type of panel on your home – and if you want the best of both panels, you can order both types of panels. You can add a clear panel to each window to allow light into your home while your storm panels are on your windows. Or you can order aluminum panels for some of your openings, and clear panels for other openings so that your entire home won’t be dark during a storm or power outage.

Our storm panels are custom designed to fit each opening of your commercial or residential property. Our 2-inch rise storm panel design makes these panels 25% stronger than plywood or flat storm panels.

Storm panels from Empire Construction & Development are made to fit into an upper track and fasten to a lower track. Washer-based wing nuts are used to fasten panels to their tracks. If you don’t want to affix tracks to the exterior of your home, aluminum storm panels and clear storm panels can also be attached directly to the wall of your property using concrete anchors and stainless steel screws.

At Empire Construction & Development, we are experts in storm protection. Our storm panels are sturdy, easy to install, and easy to store. For a storm panel price estimate, contact us today. To speak to a member of our storm protection team about getting storm panels for your home, and to hear about this month’s storm panel deals, call: 888-474-3555. Whether you want aluminum panels, clear panels, or both – get the best storm panels from Empire Construction & Development.