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Why Hurricane Panels are the Smart Choice for Storm Protection

Is your home fully prepared for a hurricane? What about your office or rental property? When unpredictable hurricanes and tropical storms threaten your area, you’ll want to be able to protect what’s important to you. With hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development, you’ll be able to prepare your property for incoming storms quickly and easily.

Why are our storm panels a good choice for a home or commercial building? If you’re still trying to decide which storm protection product is right for you, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hurricane panels:

*Storm panels fit your windows and doors – When you order storm panels from Empire Construction & Development, we will customize the panels to fit the sizes of each of your windows. Instead of a panel that fits most, but not all, of your window opening, or a panel that is too big and leaves an awkward overhang, these storm panels made to fit over your windows and doors completely.

*Storm panels are easy to use – With or without a track, our hurricane panels can be installed over almost every window and door on your property. Using the hardware included in your storm panel order, you can secure the panel track and put up the panels as an easy DIY project. Our aluminum panels and clear panels are strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris, and light enough to put up, take down, and stack with ease.

*Storm panels are affordable – If you’re looking for storm protection on a budget, hurricane panels from Empire Construction & Development are a wise investment. Our aluminum hurricane panels are a cost-effective choice, and are dependable and durable enough to be used year after year. Clear panels also offer affordable, reliable hurricane protection.

*Storm panels are versatile – If you have shutters on most of your property, and need to cover only a few more windows — get storm panels! If you need to cover your garage – storm panels work! Our panels can be used for as many or as few windows as you need to cover. Aluminum panels and clear panels can be installed vertically or horizontally to best fit your window or door’s space. Our Clearguard clear storm panels off the unique option of storm protection you can see through. If you want to be able to see through one, or all, of your windows while your home is secured during a storm, clear storm panels are a great choice.

Without adequate storm protection, your family could be in danger, and your property and valuables could be vulnerable to storm damage. Don’t take this risk. And don’t settle for just adequate storm protection – get top-quality storm protection products from Empire Construction & Development.

For a free quote for your storm panels, contact us today. Call (888) 474-3555 to speak to our team about storm panel deals this month or for any questions about storm protection products. Protect your property from hurricanes and other storms when you choose storm panels from Empire Construction & Development.