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How to Prepare for a Hurricane in Daphne, Alabama with Accordion Shutters, Rolling Shutters, and Storm Panels

Water, flashlights, batteries, and canned goods aren’t the only things you need to prepare for a hurricane. Your windows need storm protection too. Broken windows can cause damage to residential and commercial properties during a hurricane, but installing heavy-duty storm shutters can minimize the risk of hurricane damage to your property in Daphne.

To protect your home from hurricanes with storm shutters, you first need to choose the right storm shutter. Whether your property is small or large, one-story or two-story, hurricane shutters from Empire Construction & Development can guard your home during a storm.

To select the hurricane shutter that will work best for you, take a look at our storm protection products. We provide our customers in Daphne and throughout the Gulf Coast with:

*Accordion hurricane shutters – aluminum shutters that are installed on the sides of each opening, are easy to open and close, and also make great security shutters for homes and commercial buildings. Available in white, ivory, beige, and bronze.

*Rolling hurricane shutters – manual or motorized roll-down shutters that are extremely easy to use, made of aluminum and installed above each opening. Rolling shutters effectively block sunlight, reduce heat, and minimize unwanted outside noise, and also make great security shutters. Made with 40mm or 60mm blade heights, and available in white, ivory, beige or bronze.

*Storm panels – a tested, easy, and cost-effective way to secure your windows and doors against flying debris during a storm. At Empire Construction & Development, we provide our customers with aluminum panels that are specially designed to be stronger than flat panels or plywood. We also provide Clearguard clear panels to our customers, which allow for light and visibility while keeping windows completely covered.

At Empire Construction & Development, we manufacture accordion hurricane shutters and rolling hurricane shutters out of durable aluminum to fit the sizes of your windows and doors. We provide storm panels to fit your window sizes, and also have stock sizes available. Shutters that are made to your exact window specifications provide you with the best storm protection, without any gaps or unnecessary overhang, and add to the value of your property.

Our storm shutters are tested to withstand hurricane-force conditions, like high winds and flying projectiles, and adhere to the most stringent wind codes in the country. Our aluminum shutters and aluminum panels are made to hold up against rain and humidity, and our clear polycarbonate panels come with a ten year warranty against breakage and yellowing.

We are happy to provide a free price quote for hurricane shutters. After you’ve selected the type of shutter you want, give us your window and door measurements (from the outside) and we will help you get the best storm shutters for your home, restaurant, or business. Call: 888-474-3555 for questions about securing your windows and doors, or to hear our shutter deals this month. Protect your windows and doors in Daphne with accordion shutters, roll-down shutters, or storm panels from Empire Construction & Development.